arles, france

  • Love the color and texture; very nice overall effect. I can’t decide whether I would crop the number; my eye keeps jumping to it instead of exploring the rest of the image, but the photo lacks something without it. Perhaps it’s simply an anchor to keep my eye from leaving entirely.

    Posted by John | 24 February 2006, 16:27 #
  • oh such rustic charm... :)

    Posted by Lil | 2 March 2006, 12:13 #
  • great colour i agree with John the no is eye catching

    Posted by sha | 3 March 2006, 15:09 #
  • Heiko san,

    Your photos are just amazing & powerful.

    When I feel down or busy etc., and when I see your photos, I feel truely pieceful. Very Zen touching. You are really lovely & amazing person, Keiko san. Thank you!

    Posted by junko | 24 June 2008, 20:11 #
  • Symmetry is complete in this photo, the 3 objects of interest, forming a triangular shape over the outline of the door and the repeated crop shape are perfect. I love how the two lay over each other and balance each other out. Perfection. The vibrant color of the door is what caught my eye. Thank you Keiko. I also find doors very interesting. This one is amazing.

    Posted by michelle may | 18 January 2009, 19:31 #

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