we had snow just after christmas.

  • Sometimes, winterphotos seems to turn out almost B/W.

    I think I like that more, than an ordinary B/W picture.

    Especially when there is, as the leaf above, a colorcontrast.

    A really noce shot! :-)

    Posted by Anders | 5 January 2006, 22:06 #
  • congratulations on your new photoblog! these are beautiful.

    Posted by fiordizucca | 6 January 2006, 14:29 #
  • hey keiko! well done on the new photoblog! i am torn now, as to if i like this better or the foodblog version better... ;)

    Posted by Lil | 6 January 2006, 18:29 #
  • Brilliant...I look forward to checking back daily!

    Posted by Moira | 7 January 2006, 20:53 #
  • Hi Keiko, i love this photo the best (sure i love the others too), you seem to have brought out the best in winter - rather a contrast to the gloomy side of it (you know, cold, dark and cold). I hope one day, i get to atleast capture one great photo like this.

    I’m pleased that you’ve launched this photoblog. You’re an inspiration! Btw, can i ask for your permission to use this photo as a screen saver?


    Posted by mae | 31 January 2006, 18:38 #
  • Type your comment here.Absolutely brilliant piece! Nicely taken and the angle is superb!

    Posted by coffee | 14 February 2006, 04:58 #
  • hello, greetings from Australia! Love your website and the photos are breathtaking!!! This is one of the best photos in this collection. What camera(s) do you use? Looking fwd to more great pics !! I think you should publish a photo book!


    Posted by chris | 3 April 2006, 13:50 #

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