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26 October 2008

The clocks have gone back this weekend and the gloomy British winter is definitely on its way – I’m seriously considering getting one of these lights this year hoping that it will reduce my ultra grumpiness when I can’t see any sunlight…

I’m happy to share my new portfolio site with you today – I was supposed to finish this ages ago and although I’m still working on some finishing touches, I’m glad it’s live now. The photos are a collection of my work and personal stuff, I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think!

Having been a big fan of Grace’s Design Sponge, I’m excited to see my contribution for the In The Kitchen With column this week. It’s been more than a year (!) since Grace asked me to contribute a piece and I appreciate Grace and Kristina being so patient with me.

I adapted a recipe for chestnut and rosemary ice-cream from one of my favourite magazines, Gourmet Traveller – as I noted in the article, I made stracciatella with another batch by drizzling chocolate at the end of churning – the chocolatey crunch works really well with the chestnut and the woody note from the rosemary.

I thought I haven’t put Maya’s picture here for a while – he is also getting ready for the winter sitting on my lap most of the time, giving me a moral support when I shoot from home (he always curls up under my tripod) and an occasional sniff, quick bite of what I’m shooting and run from the table!

I couldn’t help sharing this – our neighbour friend just got 3 (!) two month old kittens and I just can’t get enough of them, they are irresistible! They are brothers and sister, which reminds me that Maya had a few sisters when we adopted him from Cats Protection and maybe we should have got one of his sisters too (I’m not sure if I’m ready for having three cats in my house though!). We didn’t think about it at that time, but he (note: he’s got a girly name because we were told he was SHE when we got him) seems a little bored without any feline company… We’ve actually been thinking about adapting a dog for some time now, so I’ll make sure to share it here if Maya has a canine friend :)

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, take care.

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  • Hi Keiko!
    I loved your pictures! I usually check out your blogg as I love your thoughtful and delicate work. Looking your photos is always a pleasure, a balm for my soul I’d say. I liked a lot your post ab. Portugal&Spain, as I’m Spanish and live at the border of both countries.
    I also liked the story ab. Maya, who BTW takes part of my favourites in my laptop. My aunt had a female cat called Oliver because she was also told that she was “he” ;-) We’ve got a kind of Blue Russian, v.similar to Maya, that it’s called Spiderman, but we never call him like that, though. I’ll show you a photo some day.
    Well, thanks for sharing your lovely “stuff”, and the recipe is great too! Happy Sunday! xxNat

    Posted by Nat | 26 October 2008 #
  • … as you’ve asked for feedback on your portofolio, this might be just the right chance to post my first comment :) The photos are outstanding as usual and I really enjoy the clean layout of the site as well. The only thing I didn’t “get” right away were the navigation buttons on the bottom of the page. They look very pale on my monitor and I actually just discovered them by chance while “wandering around” with my mouse. The only other thing I noticed was the “about” text being quite pale as well. I hope this helps! :)

    Greetings from Germany,

    Posted by Johanna | 26 October 2008 #
  • Goodness,
    I wonder if I have “these lights” as well, as I notice myself having the symptom.

    Those kitten are seriously cute, too bad I can’t have any, because my husband and my son has bad allergy. We do have 2 gorgeous Golden Retrievers though.
    So nice to have you back Keiko, and oh before I forget what a beautiful portfolio, I really enjoy to click all of the photograph, just beautiful.
    You inspire me (though, not in a million years, I would be nearly as good as you are) and I thank you for that.

    Posted by elra | 26 October 2008 #
  • Hi Keiko~

    Maya is a cutie! Hug!

    Gorgeous pictures as usual! The portfolio shots are just amazing! You’re an inspiration to photo hobbyists (like me) =)


    Posted by Venus | 26 October 2008 #
  • Your photos are phenomenal, so beautiful! You are a big inspiration.So sweet with your cat and the cup cakes.

    Posted by Sanna | 26 October 2008 #
  • Keiko-san,

    I saw your portfolio site.
    Oh, that’s impressive!! Never get bored watching it again and again.

    Posted by yukko | 26 October 2008 #
  • Lovely to see Maya putting in an appearance! The kittens are also ever so cute. We adopted two brothers from the cat rescue place and I think they both appreciate each others company despite the arguing.

    Off to have a nosey over at design sponge now…

    Posted by sophie | 26 October 2008 #
  • if your ever looking for an apprentice i would be interested. moving to london in 2 weeks too!!!!!

    Posted by kelsie mortimer | 26 October 2008 #
  • It’s always nice to hear from you Keiko…
    That ice-cream sounds really delicious.
    And Maya seems to be a lucky cat, and curious too. :D

    Posted by Marcela | 26 October 2008 #
  • Your photographs are always inspiring. I love little kittens…thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Veron | 26 October 2008 #
  • Hi Keiko,
    I had a look at your portfolio site – great photos.

    Posted by Alpa | 27 October 2008 #
  • Congratulations on your gorgeous portfolio site, Keiko. You have such a magnificent eye for beauty.
    I’ve just started up a family food blog and would be honoured if you would stop by some time!
    All the best,

    Posted by Rebecca | 27 October 2008 #
  • what a beautiful portfolio, you have been busy. I miss your posts!

    Posted by kat | 27 October 2008 #
  • I love admiring your pictures. Always a satisfying experience. Love your portfolio, keep the great picts coming!

    Posted by stardust | 27 October 2008 #
  • Your portfolio site looks amazing. I’d have hired you in a heartbeat. Wish you the most exciting projects!

    Posted by Cenk | 27 October 2008 #
  • HI Keiko,

    ....so sorry to have missed you when you passed through Glasgow a few months back – next time indeed!! {and sorry for the slow reply…I somehow missed your comment on my blog those weeks ago}...

    Beauty abound here, as always….and the recipe for D*S looks divine. The picture of the kittens is enough to make me want to adopt one right here and now!! And here was me thinking I wanted a dog!? ;)

    have a great week, xo

    Posted by Abigail | 27 October 2008 #
  • Lovely Keiko! Also thrilled to see you on Design Sponge! And talk about cute kitten. I too would go bananas for them.

    Posted by bea at La tartine gourmande | 27 October 2008 #
  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your kind notes and feedback. I’ll report back on the kittens soon!

    Nat – I’m really looking forward to going back to Spain and Portugal again, I had an amazing time there. Maybe you can let me know where you’re based…? Maya says he’s honoured to be on your desktop! How lovely to hear about Oliver’s story – and Spiderman (how do you call him?) must be beautiful, I’m sure he’s not as naughty as Maya though! Look forward to seeing some of their photos sometime…

    Johanna – thank you for your feedback, I’ve just changed the navigation buttons as well as the about page – hope that’s OK now, let me know.

    Elra – I’ve heard some good things about the light, luckily so far we’ve had lovely autumn weather – but I know it won’t last for long! It’s too bad your family have cat allergies, but I’m sure having two gorgeous doggies is as wonderful as having cats, if not better :) Oh and I hope you’ve found the ‘play’ button on my portfolio – nothing wrong with clicking all the images, but playing may make it just a little easier :)

    Sophie – oh they must be such good friends, maybe you can send me some pictures of them sometime…? :)

    Kelsie – I don’t think I’m good enough to take any apprentices :) but good luck and hope you enjoy living in London too!

    Rebecca – your site is lovely, happy blogging!

    Abigail – I was sad I missed you too! Hopefully I’ll have another chance sometime soon. You must show me around the city next time – maybe you will have a doggie/kitty by then… :) Take care. x

    Posted by keiko | 27 October 2008 #
  • Hi Keiko san,

    Your photos are as lovely as ever!!!!
    It’s just filled with so many stories and possibilities. It brings cheer to everyone!

    I hope all is well!!

    p.s. blog hikkoshimasita. :-)

    Posted by joyce | 27 October 2008 #
  • Your portfolio is utterly delicious Keiko!! I am also one who needs a mood enhancing light to beat the Winter blues! Take care & stay warm.

    Posted by Bron | 27 October 2008 #
  • Hi Keiko,
    i’ve never commented on your blog before now, but your portfolio compelled me to =) it’s so beautiful!...i keep going back to the blue picture of No. 11 and staring at it. i love the lighting and bold black shapes on the blue…it just seems magical to me. Anyway, thanks for sharing all your awesome photos with us!

    Posted by Erica | 28 October 2008 #
  • dearest keiko, congratulations on your new site – what a fabulous showcase of all your beautiful work! and thank you so much for sharing that adorable picture of maya sneaking a peek at those delicious muffins – i don’t blame him for finding them irresistible ;-) they look scrumptious and i’m sure their wonderful scent must have made him one very hungry boy!

    Posted by Joycelyn | 28 October 2008 #
  • hi Keiko,

    had already seen your portfolio via the link on design*sponge and it looks gorgeous! Your pictures (and your desserts too) are such an inspiration.

    Posted by Inne | 28 October 2008 #
  • Conngratulations on your new site!

    Posted by mycookinghut | 28 October 2008 #
  • hey keiko – that’s a lovely new website you’ve got, and very practical and handy navigation too.

    indeed winter is here, and the lack of daylight can put a wee bit of setback to anyone’s day. but looking on the bright side, there’s no time like now to cook some comforting stew ;)

    Posted by Lil | 28 October 2008 #
  • Hi, thank you so much again for all your kind notes.

    Joyce-san – look forward to reading more of your lovely posts, take care.

    Bron – I’ll let you know if I get one, but now you’re having a lovely summer down under… enjoy!

    Erica – the hotel is gorgeous and swanky :) the blue room is my favourite too, hope you can visit there sometime :)

    Joycelyn – Maya says hi :) As you can probably guess, he stole some of the muffins when I wasn’t looking and ran away – he is SO good at pretending not to be interested :)

    Lil – like you, I’ve indeed learned to ‘look on the bright side’ since I moved to this country ;)

    Posted by keiko | 28 October 2008 #
  • Hi Keiko!
    I loved your pictures!

    Posted by fiordisale | 28 October 2008 #
  • ああ、こちらも新しいサイトも、ため息しか出ません。

    Posted by mariko | 29 October 2008 #
  • I’ve been thinking about getting one of those lights for the past few years. It’s only October and I think this is the year I’m finally going to do it!

    Posted by David | 29 October 2008 #
  • I have just seen your new portfolio, your pics are so amazing, every detail is gorgeous

    Posted by christell | 29 October 2008 #
  • Love the new portfolio! I like to stop by here every once in a while to catch up on your latest pictures and food adventures, so seeing all the pictures gathered together is definitely great. One suggestion—have you thought about separating your pictures (on the portfolio site) into different categories, i.e. food, travel, etc.? Right now it plays as a sort of random “playlist” of your photographs, which is neat because it features your strengths in different areas, but having categories may also help those who are looking for a specific type of work? Just a thought, anyway! :)

    Posted by christine | 29 October 2008 #
  • Hi fiordisale, christell – thank you so much for your kind words!

    Mariko-san – いつもありがとう。次回こそ、うちのネコに会いに来てくださいね。忙しそうですが、頑張り過ぎないように。

    David – we’ve actually had really lovely weather lately here in the UK, but I know it won’t last for long! Let me know when you get one of those lights.

    Christine – thank you for your kind feedback. As for categories, you can filter the images on Tags page – it works exactly the same as categories :)

    Posted by keiko | 29 October 2008 #
  • Hi Keiko,
    As always your pictures are breath taking. I saw your post on Design sponge. Well done! And your site is great too, looks like we’ve been both busy updating and coding websites. I’ve just redesigned my blog, inspiration to get back in the game as I’ve been so slack recently.
    Hope you’re well. Bisous

    Posted by R khooks | 29 October 2008 #
  • hi keiko, have just seen your website. Very well done to you and it’s faburous! Will be in touch soon again about the project. sxx

    Posted by seiko | 31 October 2008 #
  • I have to blame you a little bit for jump-starting my travel itch again. My last trip (2 yrs ago) was very stressful and I’ve been avoiding travel since. Now seeing your lovely pics that capture the essence of wherever you go makes me realize how many places and cultures there are yet to experience. And so I have convinced my boyfriend that we should go on a trip we cannot afford. Nothing quite goes together like travel, food and photography, huh?

    The portfolio site is perfect, don’t change a thing… except for maybe to add more pics as I cannot seem to get enough of them. The blue wall with black and white photo’s is so hauntingly perfect!

    Posted by Keegan | 31 October 2008 #
  • Your pictures are stunning and lovely as usual! Love the kittens :)

    Posted by Botacook | 31 October 2008 #
  • My first time here, simply impressive. I will be aback soon, looking for the extraordinary light, the beautiful composition of your photos. Great.
    Kisses from Italy

    Posted by Marilì | 3 November 2008 #
  • けいこさん。いつもうっとりとしながら拝見しています。

    Posted by cheris | 3 November 2008 #
  • Hello Keiko,

    As a relative newcomer to your blog I hardly exaggerate that I await every new post(this is the 3rd one since I discovered u) with great anticipation and also I try to space out the pleasure of reading your previous postings, not more than 3 a day so that I don’t arrive at the end too soon! Petersham nurseries looks wonderful and I can’t wait to go there when I return to the UK. Hope their licence will be renewed what a dreadful shame if they had to close. Your photos are breathtaking as usual and for me they are so inspirational and provide a very “Ifeelgood and i can do anything i want “sentiment. Thanks again !
    psps nearly forgot went to have a look at your new portfolio site which of course has lovely pics. I hope more and more mags and books can use your pics. For me they have an ambiance that goes very well particularly with our french lifestyle magazines Cote Ouest, Cote Sud and the newish Cote Paris. I think that u prob know of these mags and your pics have that sort of ambiance and they would definitely be ideal in them.
    Take care and go well
    liz from Paris

    Posted by liz | 4 November 2008 #
  • Dear Keiko,

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I really enjoy looking at this website now and than. I can learn from you how take such nice and warm pictures.

    Sandra from the Netherlands

    Posted by Sandra | 7 November 2008 #
  • Your blog is super. So are your photographies. They make me hungry. I have spent a nice moment when seeing them. Thanks a lot.

    Posted by Eleonora | 10 November 2008 #
  • Hi Keiko, your portfolio is really fabulous, I love it! You have a wonderful eye on things and food and a great sensibility.

    Alessandra from Italy

    Posted by Alessandra | 12 November 2008 #
  • Dear Keiko,

    Thank you for your new blog post. It’s a pleasure read and view. Your photo blog was equally enhanting. I look forward to your next post. :)

    Nur Suraya

    Posted by Nur Suraya | 14 November 2008 #
  • all of it are superb, every single pic are so so professional

    Posted by breadpitt | 16 November 2008 #
  • I have never thought of such a thing as chestnut ice cream. How inventive—and delicious! Glad to have recently discovered your beautiful blog.

    Posted by Kasey | 19 November 2008 #
  • I love your website so much – I’m currently salivating – your photos are fantastic!

    Re the Seasonal Affective Disorder lights – I have to tell you that I bought one of the alarm clock ones and it works like a charm. It slowly gets light over 30 minutes so you gradually wake up – it really works, you don’t feel yuck when you have to get up.

    Posted by M | 20 November 2008 #
  • Wow, the ice cream sounds great, I remember being in the UK during the winter, especially going north to Aberdeen, beautiful but gray city. Ahh well, a good opportunity to find solace near a fireplace for awhile.

    Keep up the good work, the pictures are fantastic,

    Posted by Jake | 26 November 2008 #
  • Keiko, congrats on the design sponge gig! and lucky you have a helper there – Maya might help keep the winter blues at bay too?

    Posted by zoe / puku | 29 November 2008 #
  • Hi…. I don’t know english very well… but i like very muche your site and your beautigull photos! Lovely cats… :-)

    Posted by gattogoloso | 4 December 2008 #
  • The ice cream is as light as a cloud. I love the rosemary…. so deliciously chic! All your pictures are a pleasure to look at!

    Posted by Nazarina A | 7 December 2008 #
  • Stunning…

    Posted by joe | 10 December 2008 #
  • Hi all, sincere apologies for the super late response, but thank you so much for all your kind feedback!

    Hi M – thank you for the report on the SAD light, fortunately I survived the last winter without buying it, but everyone says good things about it so if I feel like I need it in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to get one!

    Posted by keiko | 27 April 2009 #
  • Absolutely breathtaking site!! your photographs are lovely!

    Posted by la petite chef | 7 December 2009 #

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