A Trip to the Farmers’ Market... in California

13 November 2006

Apologies for being absent for a while. I’ve been in the sunny city of Los Angeles for a photo assignment – except for the fact that my suitcase didn’t turn up for the first two days, I’ve had an amazing time meeting wonderful people (including some fabulous food bloggers :)) and shooting (and eating) lots of great food. These shots are from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market – an absolutely delightful place to visit! We’re now in San Francisco, I’ll write about our trip when we get back to the UK, see you all soon!


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  • Well, you know how much I love the farmers market. Great shots!

    Posted by Tana | 13 November 2006 #
  • Beautifull pictures. Hope you enjoy your trip.



    Posted by Shanna | 13 November 2006 #
  • wonderful pictures, as always! enjoy your stay in San Francisco, where the drizzly rain has made things a bit cold and damp, but romantic nonetheless. i’m sure you’ve got a packed itinerary, but drop a line if you need any recommendations!

    Posted by jack | 13 November 2006 #
  • keiko - your pictures are magic. I don’t know how you do it. It was so lovely to sit next to you for 3 or so hours yesterday at Zuni. What could be better? Thank you so much for inviting me. And for all those lovely little gifts. I really enjoyed the magazine. Fred adores you too. We both had fun. *sigh* I wish we could do it all over again today instead of being at work.

    Posted by sam | 13 November 2006 #
  • Wow Keiko, a feast for the eyes.

    Posted by jo | 13 November 2006 #
  • Waow Keiko ! Quel voyage ! Et quelles fantastiques photos !!! Tu as un talent fou.

    Posted by Camille | 13 November 2006 #
  • W9nderful to hear from you. What an explosion of beauty and sensibility in these photos. Thank you for sharing such great images. Photo shoot..Uhmm..will you have some interesting news for us soon?

    Posted by valentina | 13 November 2006 #
  • Those pictures - wow.

    Posted by Maya | 13 November 2006 #
  • love these photos! enjoy your trip.

    Posted by Kat | 14 November 2006 #
  • Sorry I missed you! Hope you enjoyed California!

    Posted by Anita | 14 November 2006 #
  • amazing thesen photos ! have a nice time in San francisco !

    Posted by mercotte | 14 November 2006 #
  • These photos must among the best I have ever seen of a farmer’s maket! Thanks!

    Posted by ilva | 14 November 2006 #
  • What a wonderful farmers’ market you’ve captured there!

    Posted by Pille | 14 November 2006 #
  • Oh Keiko, you are brilliant. Gorgeous photos.

    Posted by Barbara | 14 November 2006 #
  • what abundance, what lovelyness!! such great photos!! you really give the average market photo a new turn! i just recently discovered your blog & i think your food photograpy is just amazing!

    Posted by anne | 14 November 2006 #
  • Oh my ,these are great pictures! You capture the expression and moment so well in the Farmer’s Market.

    Posted by Veron | 14 November 2006 #
  • We so very much enjoyed meeting you and please come back soon! Hugs to Matthew, too!

    And yes, those are the BEST Santa Monica Farmer’s Market shots I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN!

    Posted by matt | 14 November 2006 #
  • I was getting pretty nervous waiting for your November posting. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

    Posted by Sara | 14 November 2006 #
  • You captured the essence of Southern California with those pix. Glad you enjoyed.

    Posted by mooncrazy | 14 November 2006 #
  • Wow! Amazing, beatufil photos!!!

    Have a wonderful trip in San Francisco!

    Posted by juju | 14 November 2006 #
  • blueberries... tomatoes... LETTUCE!! Oh, lettuce. I have been on this continent too long. Will I make it home for persimmons? If you’re still in SF, stop by and say hi to my friends at Tartine. Have a morning bun. Or a croissant. Or a loaf of bread. Now I’m just torturing myself. A big hug from Valledupar, Colombia.

    love, Eric

    Posted by Eric | 14 November 2006 #
  • Beautiful pictures of the market.

    What kind of camera do you use? I’m looking for a good digital one.

    Posted by Catherine | 14 November 2006 #
  • Keiko--I now feel that if I go to the Santa Monica farmer’s market the trip will be completely anti-climactic! The event would be dull and dreary as compared to the experience as seen through your camera lens. Your modesty only heightens your unbelievable talent. I hope you and Matthew are enjoying San Francisco -- I sure wish we could join you (jealous here).

    Posted by Kevin | 14 November 2006 #
  • Beautiful, Keiko! And we missed you sorely!

    Posted by maria~ | 14 November 2006 #
  • I see that you have leaning for old vegetables! I like much the photographs on Jerusalem artichokes, aubergines and potatoes. I hope that you made your market and that you will cook something with!

    Posted by Lilo | 14 November 2006 #
  • Wow Keiko, ces photos sont sublimes.

    And so you’re in California for a photoshoot. I can’t wait to hear more about this. Congrats anyway.

    - fanny

    Posted by fanny | 15 November 2006 #
  • i miss you guys already! hurry back to la!! xoxo

    Posted by rachael | 15 November 2006 #
  • beautiful photos! how funny i just posted about my visit to the very same santa monica farmers market http://passionatenonchalance.com/?p=359 we could have crossed paths! :)

    Posted by aria | 15 November 2006 #
  • i see that you enjoyed your trip to LA very much! love all the produce pictures taken at farmer’e market. you’d want to to ferry plaza farmer’s market in SF too, then. have a good trip!

    Posted by eliza | 15 November 2006 #
  • Would love to have you visit Chicago!!! Enjoy beautiful California. Please stop by xoxo chocolates in North Beach in San Francisco -- the best chocolate truffle I have ever had!

    Posted by Daniel | 15 November 2006 #
  • Keiko these photos are amazing. Cant believe you’re also in SF right now. It is my favorite city in the world and possibly my other half. Enjoy the beautiful city.

    Posted by Cenk | 15 November 2006 #
  • You capture the beauty and energy of a farmers market just perfectly. Thanks for the shot in the arm this cold and rainy Indiana morning.

    Posted by christine (myplateoryours) | 15 November 2006 #
  • wow, wow, and triple wow! looking forward to your adventures’ write-ups!

    Posted by Lil | 15 November 2006 #
  • Amazing photos and .... it looks WARM! Have a great time over there!

    Posted by poth | 15 November 2006 #
  • Sigh, as always, beautiful pictures and I’m looking forward to more.

    Posted by Brilynn | 16 November 2006 #
  • Envious, envious!! And you met Matt!!!! Can’t wait to her more about your trip and as always your photos are drop-dead stunning - the last one so captures the feel of LA.

    Posted by Jeanne | 16 November 2006 #
  • Hi Keiko ! I’m soooo glaad you’re back on your blog... I’ve been missing your fabulous pics ^^

    Still hope to see you next time in Paris !



    Posted by Fred | 17 November 2006 #
  • Wawoo!!!

    Amazing pictures... brought me moments of sheer joy!

    Keep it up!

    Posted by Gitit | 17 November 2006 #
  • It was wondrous to see you again, this time on my peninsula! What a perfect brunch that was.

    The photos are packed with life and quiet beauty as well-- thank you for gracing us with so many of them at once.

    Posted by shuna fish lydon | 18 November 2006 #
  • Keiko,

    I was worried when I hadn’t seen a post for so long! Whew your back and what a great post!As alway’s you inspire me to do the same on my blog and I am sure many others do the same!

    Posted by Jeremy | 18 November 2006 #
  • Hi Keiko,

    So glad that you’re back on yr blog. I really missed yr posting n beautiful photos....

    Posted by Margaret | 19 November 2006 #
  • I loved your Blog, I found it in a newspapers from Panama, where I was born...I worked in a private yacht cooking and traveling around the world and always take pictures on the markets...I might do the same on my blog...travelandloving.lospot.com

    patricia kraemer

    Posted by patricia | 19 November 2006 #
  • Hello,Keiko-san

    Long time no see.

    Wonderful photos! I love them all!

    Posted by seiko | 19 November 2006 #
  • Beautiful photos Keiko! Have a lovely time in San Francisco. No doubt you’ll show us more delightful photos.

    Posted by Mae | 20 November 2006 #
  • beautiful pics... a feast for the eyes! hope you had a good time.

    Posted by wandabun | 22 November 2006 #
  • amazing pictures!

    very nice! =)

    Posted by julia - Tastinglife | 23 November 2006 #
  • Wow, I’ve just discovered your site and let me say, you’ve got some serious talent. I have little question, how do you unmold you’re cakes/mousses so perfectly?

    Posted by Beth Loggins | 24 November 2006 #
  • PLEASE come to New York tooo!

    Beautiful photos of SF...

    Posted by parisbreakfast | 26 November 2006 #
  • You can’t just visit California and NOT stop by NYC!! (We have a great farmer’s market too!);-)

    I hope you are having fun over there!

    Posted by yuki | 28 November 2006 #
  • What beautiful photos! Looks like it must have been quite a wonderful and food-filled trip!

    Posted by Ellie | 28 November 2006 #
  • My God you are good! When does the book come out…...really!!! Someone has to snap you up!

    Posted by Melissa | 28 November 2006 #
  • お久しぶりデス!パソが壊れて新しいの買って・・・データも全部なくしてkeikoさんのメアドも分からなくなって、サイトも分からない・・・・って思ってたら、なんと、ブログからの数少ないリンクに入れてありました!

    Posted by akane:rgb-nanairo-nianco | 29 November 2006 #
  • Amazing photos. I like your people shots, they’re a nice treat and different from your usual food shots. I also dig the old car in the last photograph, but then again I have a soft spot for flicks of ancient vehicles.

    Posted by SD | 2 December 2006 #
  • and of course i just had to comment here ;) i think this photo journal of the farmer’s market is simply astounding – your eye for people, places, moments…just incredible!

    Posted by Joycelyn | 4 December 2006 #
  • looks like you have a fabulous trip! lookinng forwards to more of your travel writeup! :)

    Posted by slurp! | 4 December 2006 #
  • I’m glad you went to California! I love your shots Keiko…they make me want to move back to California…esp. SF probably if you post pictures when you were there :) I just got back myself from home, but I didn’t feel like shooting anything much when I was there :| it was hard to return for sure. Good to visit your blog again, it’s been a long absence also in mine. Your blog and photos of course bring a big smile and appetite on me all the time…wish I’m as talented as you…when is your Cote d’Azur trip going to be? ;-) Hope to ever see you soon…

    Take care, Keiko…

    Posted by Maya | 8 December 2006 #
  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your kind notes.

    Hi Jack – it’s very kind of you, unfortunately we didn’t have much time but will let you know when we have another chance to visit SF :)

    Hi Catherine – I use a Canon 350D (Rebel XT in the US).

    Posted by keiko | 12 January 2007 #
  • Simply gorgeous photos! Well done!

    Posted by Tina dela Rosa | 1 October 2009 #
  • What a great photos! i just love colours and life in them.
    magdalena/color sepia

    Posted by Magdalena | 24 October 2009 #

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