Thoughts about Bread Making

25 February 2005

I have a love and hate relationship with bread making. I’ve always wanted to make nice simple bread that you can taste the ingredients of as you chew, but I often end up getting rather disappointed. I’d like to think I’m making a little progress, but I still don’t know what/why goes wrong/well and I really need to learn ‘the science’ properly. I’ve been reading Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice and it really helps to understand how bread making works.

I’ve been making some bread from the recipes in Bringing Italy Home by Ursula Ferrigno – I like her simple approach to the ingredients and really think that’s the way cooking should be. Speaking of simplicity, I find that Italian and Japanese cooking have a lot in common (ie no mucking about). Hmm, I’m getting homesick again…

Anyway, bread. I made a plain recipe, so-called White Pizza this time – that’s basically the poor man’s version, relying on the flavours of good oil, salt and rosemary. I often make pizza as Matthew is a real pizza-man (!) but this one is more like a snack rather than a main course.
It goes well with almost anything – light in texture yet full of flavour (although I baked it a bit too long when I took this picture). You make Biga starter with fresh yeast (it takes time, but I quite like the smell of the yeast filling our house!), which enhances the flavour of the dough and makes it different from the classic pizza.

I use Molino Spadoni ‘00’ flour for Italian bread, pizza or pasta making.

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  • your blog is just SO beautiful
    It takes my breath away every time i visit

    Posted by sam | 26 February 2005 #
  • Your photos are wonderful! And of course, your talents in the kitchen are obvious!

    Welcome to the blogging world!

    Posted by Caryn | 26 February 2005 #
  • Wow, these photos are indeed incredible. Just got tipped off to this place by Becks & Posh and Kip. Keep up the good work!

    Posted by Arthur Che | 27 February 2005 #
  • Ahh, your pictures mah dear! They are absolutely gorgeous. Keep them coming.

    Posted by celiaK | 28 February 2005 #
  • also, have you seen weber_cam? Dave has lots and lots and lots of info about breadbaking. Check out Not that you appear to need any help whatsoever with bread, if the luscious picture is any evidence. ;-)

    Posted by foodnerd | 1 March 2005 #
  • Hi Sam - You are always so sweet, thank you...

    Hi Caryn - Thank you for your kind comment, I look forward to seeing your gorgeous photos too.

    Hi Arthur - Thank you for your compliment, I’m chuffed...

    Hi Celia - Thank you, I’ve made some more bread so will keep posting!

    Hi foodnerd - Thanks again for letting me know such a great site, I like your site as much as his though!

    Posted by keiko | 1 March 2005 #
  • a wonderful picture. colours and expression are amazing!

    Posted by älva | 12 March 2006 #
  • Evwry time I visit your blog I think that I should never post anything again because I feel so humble at your grandeur..

    Posted by Valentina | 23 August 2006 #
  • If I had the recipe I would make it NOW...yummy..

    Posted by Lotte | 29 April 2008 #

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