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3 November 2009

I’ve just come back from a week’s trip to Italy – a few days in Rome as well as a wonderful weekend in Amalfi. I will write about the special weekend next time, but I wanted to share some of the shots from Rome for now. I’ve been to Rome a few times before, but I seem to like it more and more every time I visit – the city definitely has something over above the great food and atmosphere… (my new favourites include Gelateria del Teatro, Roscioli and Il Pagliaccio, but please let me know your favourites also, I’m already ready for the next trip :))

I’m hoping to post a dessert recipe that I learnt in Amalfi (which uses a rather surprising ingredient) – wish me luck that I can come up with a slightly tweaked but delicious version of it…


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  • just fantastic shots that really sum up a beautiful city

    Posted by matt | 3 November 2009 #
  • HELLO, keiko

    After to read, your commentaries I think that you are a travaler, that enjoy the places that visit.
    I reading all yours blogs, still I don’t finish, and I like your commentaries, the photos, the recipies, the places, and your cat.
    I hope that I can to travel like you.
    goodbye and good luck whit desert.

    Posted by gaby | 3 November 2009 #
  • Wonderful photo essay Keiko of a city I have not visited. You make me feel like I’ve walked those streets. When you got out photographing during the day do you take just one lens and if so which one? Or do you take several and change?

    Posted by barbara | 3 November 2009 #
  • My favorite shots are the cat and the couple reading the paper, but you capture the soul of the city so beautifully, it makes me want to go again soon. So many places to eat, so little time…

    Posted by Hilda | 3 November 2009 #
  • Ah bella Roma – you make me realise just how much I miss it since it has been a while when I was last there. I should plan an Italian holiday soon. ;)

    Beautiful post as usual, thank you!

    Posted by Lil | 3 November 2009 #
  • Never been in Rome or in Amalfi… perhaps next spring! (Please Darling…!). Your pictures are gorgeous: I love the atmosphere of Rome’s streets, markets, restaurants, gelaterias.. One week is certainely too shrt!

    Posted by Dominique (de vous à moi...) | 3 November 2009 #
  • may I just say wow?
    as usual, your photography is stunning.

    long time reader,
    ninja x

    Posted by la ninja | 3 November 2009 #
  • I really love these photos, the colours are so crisp and clear. I cannot believe it must be nearly ten years since I went to Rome. Time to go back I think….

    Posted by Sarah Trivuncic | 3 November 2009 #
  • I can’t wait to see the dessert you are going to share !
    Until then, it’s like if I had myself a pleasant stroll in Rome streets…

    Posted by Vanille | 3 November 2009 #
  • thank you for sharing your beautiful snapshots and engaging stories. they inspire me to visit all the places and taste the food that you feature.

    Posted by padthai | 4 November 2009 #
  • oh man, you are a wonderful photographer! these photos make me want to hop on a plane immediately. just beautiful.

    Posted by destined to design | 4 November 2009 #
  • こんにちは.
    I am so glad to share your shots. I have been to Rome just only one time, but I understand that you like it more and more every time you visit.

    Posted by yukko | 4 November 2009 #
  • they’re absolutely stunning! rome is. roaming rome looks like such fun :( curiously, do you ever edit your photos?

    Posted by flory | 4 November 2009 #
  • こんにちは。
    見事なAutumn Color!

    Posted by y_and_r_d | 4 November 2009 #
  • Oh my…..simply tempting and yet…as I cannot go…I still feel like I’ve been…great shots…

    Posted by Trish | 4 November 2009 #
  • Such beautiful photos Keiko of one of the most magical cities on earth!

    Posted by MsGourmet | 4 November 2009 #
  • oh – I want to go back to Rome … so long ago … so many more things to see … oh!

    Posted by h&b | 4 November 2009 #
  • Italy too, you do travel a lot!

    And my Bologna ain’t that far north of Rome, another next time…

    Great photos, thank you, capturing the essence of La Roma rionale, my favourite of the many “Romes”.

    Posted by Carmelita | 4 November 2009 #
  • A while back LoveFeast Table gals were in Rome. You brought me back! Cobbled stone streets, gelato, open markets, lovely old walls…..I love it all!! -Chris Ann

    Posted by LoveFeast Table | 4 November 2009 #
  • Fantastic photos as always Keiko! Can’t wait to hear and see more about that dessert recipe. Cheers.

    Posted by Cenk | 4 November 2009 #
  • oh keiko, i love this entry! it’s full of fabulous shots :)
    such a treat to my eyes~~
    hope all is well at your side. it’s definitely getting colder, take care

    Posted by shereen | 4 November 2009 #
  • As always…absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!

    Posted by Gypsy Purple | 4 November 2009 #
  • You are right, Roma is special even if it is so complicated to live in (and I live in…)!!! I agree with you on il Pagliaccio, fantastic. Next time try also for ice cream Gelateria dei Gracchi and for pizza Sforno. A presto!

    Posted by Cinzia | 4 November 2009 #
  • I have many suggestions on Rome.
    I’m living in Rome for 6 years now.
    Anyway your pics catch up in a perfect manner Rome.
    There is a place closed to Campo dei Fiori famous for fried food from zucchini to fish. It’s even in the book 1000 thinks to do in Rome before to died. And I miss it,maybe you’ll be better than me.
    If you like tea, walk along via dei Banchi Nuovi and find BibliTeq. In case of beer, there’s the new Open Baladin…
    And many others, it all depends on your tastes and way of living Roma

    Posted by Rossella | 4 November 2009 #
  • Rome- what a city! Stayed in Trastevere last year and loved the place. If only the streets of London were too narrow for cars…

    Posted by Andrew | 4 November 2009 #
  • Gorgeous photographs! I’m very much looking to my own trip there next week!

    Posted by Su-Lin | 4 November 2009 #
  • Did you bring back Amalfi lemons?

    Posted by Kitchen Butterfly | 4 November 2009 #
  • I love your images. Rome is an amazing city.

    Posted by Jessica at Lavender & Lilies | 5 November 2009 #
  • REally nice photos…wow.

    Posted by june2 | 5 November 2009 #
  • Keiko as always your photos are fabulous – look forward to hearing how your weekend in the Amalfi went, one of my favourite places in the world. I highly recommend Donna Rosa restaurant there – amazing food.

    Posted by gourmet chick | 5 November 2009 #
  • Your photos are stunning! I was in Rome this past summer and reading this and seeing your photos has made me all nostalgic…
    I can’t wait to go back!

    Posted by S. | 5 November 2009 #
  • Hello, Keiko-san :))
    Your photos make me be sure of the necessity of going back to Italy soon!!
    I’ve been there just once, last May, but I’ve been deeply falling in love with Italy.
    I’m so glad that you show me beautiful autumn images, and oh gosh, those are so taboo for me!!!

    Posted by tomily | 5 November 2009 #
  • I am so inspired by your work. It took my breath away.

    Posted by crystal wright | 6 November 2009 #
  • Wow… You Are Amazing.

    Posted by Kitchen M | 7 November 2009 #
  • Absolutely magical. Your eyes have magic powers to see every bit of this beautiful city so well.
    Wonderful photo essay Keiko!

    Posted by Helen-Tartelette | 8 November 2009 #
  • dearest keiko, how very beautiful, as always – your travel snaps always so beautifully capture the essence of any place you visit! will be in touch soon ;-) xo,joycelyn

    Posted by Joycelyn | 9 November 2009 #
  • Italian cities always remind me of a bountiful basket… thank you for sharing beautiful photos…

    Posted by jeewon | 9 November 2009 #
  • Wow, wonderful shots!
    Thanks for making Rome so magic!

    Posted by Anemone | 10 November 2009 #
  • Your photo never fails to amaze me. It also excites me to my European trip next year. The motorbike picture reminds me of my expat life here in Saigon.

    Posted by The Artist Chef | 10 November 2009 #
  • Great images!! I live in the places you shot and i am really amazed by the way you could catch those details revealing the true spirit of Rome. Impressive!

    Posted by Michelangelo | 10 November 2009 #
  • Lovely photos—I love Rome—the photos are wonderful.

    Posted by Melanie | 10 November 2009 #
  • Ah, such a long time since I was in Italy – Florence. I love your pictures and words. A true taste of Italy and I think a trip next year is definitely on the cards. I feel the need for la dolce vita! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Victoria | 11 November 2009 #
  • perfect! you catched the roman spirit wih your pics, lovely shots!

    Posted by pity | 11 November 2009 #
  • Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos as always.

    Posted by Hye-Young | 11 November 2009 #
  • Have been missing Rome lately. It’s the perfect compliment to being in Maine.

    With your great pics think of all the money you’ve saved people, given the dollar now.

    Thanks so much for the visit. Feel better now.

    BTW — What camera do you use?

    Posted by 2bnMaine | 12 November 2009 #
  • It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. Each Time it is like a travel. The pictures are wonderfull! I wish i had such talent to take picture!! I am eager to see your new receipe! Have a Nice day!

    Posted by Stéphanie | 12 November 2009 #
  • Ooh your photos are beautiful,we share lots of things together and I just wanted to know I love your blog and perhaps when you come to Rome next time we can meet! When you get a bit nostalgic you can visit my blog and see what’s up in Rome!ciao Ren

    Posted by 2friendscooking | 12 November 2009 #
  • I can’t wait to see the dessert you are going to share !
    Until then, it’s like if I had myself a pleasant stroll in Rome streets…

    Posted by adsglobe | 12 November 2009 #
  • Dear Keiko. I really like Rome. I have always been taken around by italian friends and it does make a difference. When can we have lunch together?Let me know when you are in London. I am going to Brazil on 23rd Decenmber. hugs.

    Posted by valentina | 15 November 2009 #
  • We’ve been to Italy a couple times and I certainly didn’t “see” these great shots you took. You have a wonderful gift. Your use of depth-of-field is amazing. Thank you!

    Posted by Peter | 16 November 2009 #
  • Your photos are gorgeous. The pizza with the zucchini blossoms doesn’t happen to be from Pizza Forno in the Camp di Fiori, does it? They have one of my favorite pizzas!

    Posted by D. @ Outside Oslo | 18 November 2009 #
  • The atmosphere you captured in your photos make me drool. great work,

    Posted by Tzu-yen Wang | 19 November 2009 #
  • just found your blog today! can’t wait to look around! spend two weeks this summer in praiano italy on the amalfi coast. then toured from there. soooo amazing as you know. can’t wait to see your pictures.

    Posted by laurie | 19 November 2009 #
  • gorgeous, magical photos! can’t wait for the dessert.

    Posted by kms | 19 November 2009 #
  • harika pictures!

    Posted by Fatih Gökmen | 19 November 2009 #
  • I love your photos. It has been many years since I travelled to Italy but this blog post has brought some lovely memories flooding back.

    Posted by Gina | 19 November 2009 #
  • I would kill for the ability to take photos like yours. Your website inspired me to go buy a decent camera in fact. I went to Rome last year and your photos made me feel I was back there. Awesome.

    Posted by Marcia | 23 November 2009 #
  • Great blog and wonderful recipe ideas, love the photo’s on this piece. I teach on a few cookery Holidays around the world and I will definitely be recommending this blog to my students.

    Posted by james lockett | 23 November 2009 #
  • Through your beautiful photography, we are able to be right there with all of you! What an amazing trip it must have been. Thank you for giving us another amazing trip through your lens.

    Posted by Todd and Diane | 25 November 2009 #
  • Dear Keiko,
    I love your work so much. SO MUCH!
    Thank you for filling my head with daydreams…

    Posted by Cat | 29 November 2009 #
  • Oh, how I miss Rome..

    Beautiful pics!


    Posted by Enotria | 30 November 2009 #
  • I miss Rome…i was there on my honey moon. Such a lovely city full of different colors and smells. *

    Posted by patrícia | 1 December 2009 #
  • Oh, love it….I agree with Cat above, you fill our heads with daydreams. Love Rome. Love eating in the little cobbled alleys. Love the open markets. Love it all! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by LoveFeast Table | 2 December 2009 #
  • I hope to return to Rome soon; thank you again Keiko for taking us on your wonderful journeys. Your photos bring to life one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I look forward to your next post.

    Posted by Eleanor van Overdijk | 2 December 2009 #
  • Hey Keiko, thank you for another wonderful post that made my heart all loopy;)

    Posted by Chels | 3 December 2009 #
  • Oh Keiko, stunning photographs as always. Rome is a city that kind of sneaked up on me, but when I fell for it, I fell really hard. Can’t wait to go back. I loved all the feral cat colonies in Rome, especially among the ruins :)

    Posted by Jeanne | 3 December 2009 #
  • I just love your photography. It is so sensitive and compelling. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted by Rob | 8 December 2009 #
  • hi keiko, your blog is very beautiful, i just stumbled upon it from kuiadore’s blogroll. all the posts and accompanying photos are poetic and a visual treat. i recently moved from Rome due to marriage, but my heart will always be there in many ways. it must have been such a treat for a photographer to go there- every alley, every cafe, every corner is beautiful and begging to be photographed. there are so many lovely places to go to in Rome, a few of my faves are : Montecarlo pizzeria, Il Goccetto wine bar (one of the oldest wine bars in Italy), cul-de-sac restaurant/wine bar (they have 100s of different kinds of cheeses, salumi and pates), maccheroni for their trofie al tarfufo nero, gelato at ciampini, the list goes on&on. look forward to visiting your lovely blog again. best wishes, shayma

    Posted by shayma | 9 December 2009 #
  • Your photographs are breathtaking, as always…you take us to places with your photos…without much words, thanks!

    Posted by Jill | 9 December 2009 #
  • Beautiful pictures! I especially love the pictures from the market – it makes me miss summer! (and spring and fall, ha!)

    Posted by Abigail | 15 December 2009 #
  • Your photos are amazing!!! I am always impressed…

    ps. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!! xoxo

    Posted by natsumi | 24 December 2009 #
  • Wishing you a very merry Christmas, with lots of blessings—Gypsy Purple—Chamara

    Posted by Gypsy Purple | 26 December 2009 #
  • I’ve lived in Rome for seven months this year and your pictures are amazing! Absolutely beautiful and it totally shows how Rome is like! Thanks for sharing them! Have a nice day!

    Posted by Annina | 29 December 2009 #
  • Happy New Year dear!!!

    Posted by duni | 31 December 2009 #
  • Keiko, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful photos!

    Posted by Arlene | 6 January 2010 #
  • que hermosura la fotografia de este blog. felicidades

    Posted by Sergio Naldini | 8 January 2010 #
  • Wonderful photos! Make me want to visit Rome right now, especially with all that snow in London at the moment.

    Posted by Sarka | 8 January 2010 #
  • Beautiful!! especially love the one with the cat licking itself.. :))

    Posted by Asha@FSK | 13 January 2010 #
  • What can I say Keiko I have been a fan for a long time and you’ve done it again. Great Photos!

    Posted by Alpa | 21 January 2010 #
  • Keiko – We miss your posts. They’re such a joy to read. Please drop us one soon. Happy New Year.

    Posted by L | 21 January 2010 #
  • Are you coming back to blog some more? I’m so looking forward to seeing more photographs from you.

    Posted by Victoria | 23 January 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko, We are waiting for your next post. Hope you are well. It’ll be February soon. Come back soon! Lovely Rome. :)

    Posted by Nur Suraya | 25 January 2010 #
  • Please fill our rainy British days again with your sunshine Keiko

    Posted by Paul Bowler | 25 January 2010 #
  • Gorgeous gorgeous photos! I have been to Rome only once but I’d love to return…and your photos are making me dream about it all the more! :)

    Posted by joey | 29 January 2010 #
  • Hi, Keiko

    I bookmarked your blog a long time ago when I started my food blog but haven’t come very often. I’m so impressed and inspired by your photos, which seem to have different perspectives. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work and I will come back more often to study your photos.:) I bought my first DSL camera last year, but I still don’t know how to take advantage of it. Sometimes I feel that photos I took with my old digital camera look better than the ones taken with my new camera. Anyway, thank you again for the inspiration. Nancy

    Posted by Eateng | 31 January 2010 #
  • Hope all is well. You have spoilt us with your beautiful posts and photos in the past so please try and come back soon !! Miss you…
    Have a very happy new year (in France we’re “allowed” to wish Happy New Year throughout the month of January.
    Take care

    Posted by liz | 31 January 2010 #
  • Amazing photos!! I wish I wasthere.
    BTW what camera do you use??
    Waiting for your dessert.

    Posted by Paola | 1 February 2010 #
  • your photos are gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing.

    Posted by sema | 5 February 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko-San,

    I came across your blog highly recommended by a friend of a friend from San Diego. She had many nice things to say about your blog and I’m pleasantly surprised to see how everything seems so right on – your photos, words, style and food. Sometimes things don’t ever seem to make any sense but never your work. Well done!

    Posted by rika | 9 February 2010 #
  • BEAUTIFUL photos!!!

    Posted by Jennifer | 9 February 2010 #
  • Keıko, your photos are really awesome. It is so inspiring to revisit all these places and discover the details through your camera. I wish you could make new posts more often. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by the kitchen of Oz | 9 February 2010 #
  • I’ve never really followed any blogs before, but I stumbled upon yours a couple of weeks ago. It’s taken me that couple of weeks to manage to catch up with your last few years of posts, but after many homesick induced tears (I’m English and living in the north of Spain) and my first ever ice cream making session, I’ve finally managed to read all and can’t wait to see your next post!

    Posted by Alexandra Radcliffe | 10 February 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko!

    I really love your photos! Some of them simply take my breath away. I am thinking about purchasing a DSLR camera. Do you have any recommendation?

    Posted by Emerald | 13 February 2010 #
  • These pictures look absolutely amazing!! I also take pictures and after looking at these I am eager to start taking pictures again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Posted by Julia Allison | 15 February 2010 #
  • This Blog is amazing… very neat design and pictures, plus excellent recipes with good taste and style. Pictures are awesome and lets you know thru the eyes how the food might taste and smell… so cool!
    I have made my own amateur blog to show the world my passion for food, maybe you’d like to see it:

    Thanks and I’ll be around often!

    Posted by Afner | 16 February 2010 #
  • want to eat in italy again this inspired me to fly there soon…

    Posted by sonia | 16 February 2010 #
  • Wonderful post. I’m so desperate to go back to Italy! thanks for giving me a taste of it this snowy Sunday afternoon.

    Posted by Julie | 21 February 2010 #
  • what wonderful pictures!!! guess who wants to go travel now!! :)

    Posted by Masy | 22 February 2010 #
  • where have you gone?

    Posted by Tim | 23 February 2010 #
  • Beautiful photography. It says so much more than a travel magazine possibly could. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Clive | 24 February 2010 #
  • is the first time I write this blog .. I find the pictures absolutely beautiful and full of life!
    These in particular the Rome I love them so much, because I know and is truly wonderful!
    Congratulations again .. hello!

    Posted by linda | 24 February 2010 #
  • Keiko

    Your blog has been a real inspiration and a pleasure to visit. The stories and recipes along with the superb photography always left me eager for the next instalment. It is such a shame that you appear to have abandoned it for twitter, which is such a poor vehicle for your style. Your voice is lost in the noise from the tweeting crowd!

    Here’s hoping you will come back to your blog soon. There are a lot of us missing you.

    Posted by pcm | 25 February 2010 #
  • beautiful blog! I’m writing from Italy: there are a lot of wonderful town in Italy, Venice Florence, Siena, the Sicily….
    And I love London! Let me know if you need some italian receipe, I will send you. I need to speak
    English, I make many mistake! Have a good holiday.

    Posted by gise1956 | 10 July 2010 #
  • your photography is amazing…just amazing

    Posted by not tellin | 20 October 2010 #

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