Profiteroles with a Twist and a Weekend to Remember

25 February 2010

I know I don’t have much of an excuse for not updating you all for so long, but let me tell you briefly what I’ve been up to… Since I got back from this trip to Italy, my work got very busy (for which I’m grateful) – then when I had some spare time over Christmas, I became ill :( I hoped I could write something just to let you know how I’ve been doing, but not having much appetite for eating or cooking kept me from blogging. I had various tests and now I’m feeling better, so I’m hoping to get back on track again.

Some of you know that I’ve been tweeting fairly regularly, but I’d like to thank you for all your kind emails and comments while I was AWOL. I have some exciting projects coming up this year, which I’m looking forward to and hopefully I can share them here.

Two seasons have passed since I came back from this Italy trip, but my memory of it remains vivid as I look through the images I took while I was there. I spent a weekend with some fellow food bloggers at the fabulous hotel and restaurant Don Alfonso 1890 in Amalfi – they generously invited us to experience their wonderful cuisine and hospitality. Not to mention how thrilled I was to be in the company of fellow bloggers Nicky & Oliver, Matt, Adam, Sigrid, Chika, Alessandra and Andrea.

The Hotel and Restaurant

Don Alfonso is found in the quiet town of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, on the stunningly beautiful Sorrentine Peninsula of Amalfi, and driving up the winding road along the breathtaking coastline fills you with anticipation. The hotel was started by Alfonso Costanzo Iaccarino in 1890. His grandson Alfonso and his wife Livia have been running it since the 1970s – having succeeded in realising their vision of providing the finest cuisine and hospitality, expanded and now joined by their two sons Ernesto and Mario, even adding a cookery school to their repertoire.

Although I would recommend anyone to visit this haven for the wonderful food, I learnt that it was the people who make this place so special. The staff were very professional and knowledgeable, yet also unpretentious and enthusiastic – they made every aspect of the stay a delight. You can see and feel their passion and attention to detail everywhere – from their lovingly crafted guest rooms filled with the charm and colour of local artisan touches to the wonderful food itself.

Everyone is welcomed to visit their kitchen where the walls are decorated with beautiful tiles made in the nearby town of Vietri sul Mare and I was happy to watch the fantastic team work diligently and proudly there. You must also visit their wine cellar, part of which dates back to Roman times, holding 25,000 bottles and 1,300 labels. At the bottom of the amazing collection, you’ll find their little ‘cheese room’ proudly hanging Provola (typical Southern Italian cheese made with buffalo milk).

Needless to say, we enjoyed so many wonderful dishes (and wines), made from equally wonderful produce, during our stay. Focused on the best seasonal ingredients (most of them from their organic farm nearby) cooked in respectful yet innovative ways. You would be amazed at inventive twist the skilled chefs can impart to single ingredients – not only the more expensive produce like truffles or lobster but also the most humble such as eggs or tomatoes.

As well as tasting them, we had a chance to learn how to cook some of their signature dishes in their beautiful, state of the art kitchen. It was inspiring not just to learn how they are prepared and about the ingredients, but also to learn their principles and ethos of cooking. Ernesto told us that they stopped using butter in favour of ingredients like olive oil (I hardly use butter in my savoury dishes either) and also tapioca to thicken their sauces. Just one example of how they are keen to preserve traditional Italian flavours yet also move forward.

During the workshop, we enjoyed making and eating amazing pizza – they bring a pizzaiolo from Naples who has been baking for 40 years. The ‘maestro’ was rather shy, but just watching him prepare and deliver them into the beautiful pizza oven (I want one at home!), fired with their olive wood, was a real pleasure.

It was another example of how the most simple things taste the best when executed with such good ingredients and attention to detail. It was perfect, the dough not too thick, too chewy or crispy; the tomato and cheese so fresh – I’m actually not a huge fan of pizza normally but it was so good that I just couldn’t stop taking slices off the plate! (I had to call Matthew, who couldn’t make the weekend and was looking after our cat at home – he could just live off pizza for the rest of his life, just to tell him that he missed such a great opportunity :))

Tenuta Vannulo

We also had a chance to visit a beautiful dairy farm in Capaccio – but no ordinary farm, the only organic water buffalo dairy in Italy.

We learnt about their breeding philosophy – I was so impressed by their use of modern technology which allows the buffalo to decide when they want to be milked. The buffalo were really friendly and curious, asking the farmer to scratch their head, sticking their noses through the railings to see us – which I think means they are very happy with the way they live :)

And the cheeses – they were definitely the best I’ve ever tasted, so fresh and flavourful, especially the ricotta – bursting with flavour, just melting in your mouth. They don’t sell wholesale, just direct from the farm ensuring that the highest standard and freshness is maintained. I certainly wouldn’t mind living there just to enjoy their cheese every day!

Punta Campanella

Alfonso and Livia believed that the best ingredients would be found closest to home and purchased a beautiful piece of land on the nearby coastline looking onto Capri, and turned it into an organic farm, Le Peracciole.

They grow a large proportion of their ingredients, produce ranging from olives – from which they make their own beautiful oil – and lemons, to capers and tomatoes… and almost every fruit and vegetable you can imagine in between.

How lucky we were to be able to stroll through this magical place as the sun set over Capri – well, if this place wasn’t paradise, where would be…

So, a huge thank you and kudos to all the team at Don Alfonso – especially Alfonso, Livia, Ernesto and Fortunato who were such gracious hosts, sharing with us their love and passion for what they do. Also Fabio, Andrea and Cristiano from Adhoc Culture for looking after us so well.

I do hope I’ll have another chance to visit them again one day, hopefully on the next motorbike trip to Italy…

A dessert with a Twist

One of the dishes we learnt during our cooking lesson was a rather unusual dessert – aubergine (eggplant) millefeuilles with white and dark chocolate sauce. I know it doesn’t sound very convincing – I was in fact very sceptical until I tasted it – and when I did, was an instant convert :) The slightly spongy texture of cooked aubergine and its neutral flavour actually works well in sweet creations – who would have thought! We learnt that using aubergine in desserts is quite common in this part of Italy – we saw many gorgeous aubergines growing on the hills, so it makes perfect sense that the talented chefs would want to create something new with this often underrated vegetable.

Their dessert is made from a filling of ricotta, dark chocolate and aubergine, layered between thinly sliced aubergines dipped in dark chocolate. It is served with white chocolate and Gianduja sauce, a sprig of basil and deep fried julienne aubergine skin.

I loved it and could have recreated it in my kitchen, but decided to make something a little lighter and probably using less aubergine, say, a beginner’s version :) I first thought about making Cannoli – normally filled with ricotta – but perhaps something softer might work in the same casing – so went for my favourite, choux puffs :) I must say I’m happy with the result – both white and dark chocolate work well with aubergine and I loved a hint of basil also. You can play around with the ratio of chocolate and aubergine in the filling, and if you are just not ready for it yet, you can omit the aubergine and it still tastes good :)

Profiteroles with ricotta, chocolate and aubergine

Makes about 25

For the choux pastry

50g unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
125ml water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon caster sugar
75g plain flour, sifted
120g egg (about 2 large eggs), lightly beaten

For the ricotta filling

200g good quality ricotta cheese
60g icing sugar
15g dark chocolate, finely chopped
20g aubergine, skinned and chopped into 5mm cubes
A few basil leaves, finely chopped

For the white chocolate sauce

100g white chocolate
80ml double cream

Make the choux pastry. Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Place the butter, water, salt and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat as soon as the butter has melted, add the flour at once and stir vigourously with a wooden spoon until it comes together (it comes off from the side of the pan). Add the egg little by little, stirring well until it becomes glossy and smooth.

Fill a piping bag with the mixture and pipe onto a baking sheet, about 3cm diameter, leaving plenty of space between them. Bake for about 20 minutes then turn the oven off and leave for another 10 minutes or so. (Try not to open the door while baking)

Make the filling. Gently fry the aubergine pieces with a little olive oil. Set aside and cool. Mix the ricotta and sugar in a bowl and stir in the chocolate, aubergine and basil leaves.

To make the white chocolate sauce, gently melt the chocolate over a bain-marie. Stir in the double cream and cool slightly.

To assemble the profiteroles, cut the choux pastry in half, fill with the ricotta mixture and pour the chocolate sauce on top. Decorate with edible gold leaf if you feel decadent.

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  • OHH Keiko sooo glad to see you well again, with a return of apetite and eating better! And such a treat to find a gorgeous update (as always). I have so missed you! Have always loved aubergine and what an intriguing proportion this turned out to be…aubergine and chocolate and sweets! Can’t wait to try it!

    Posted by Lisa | 25 February 2010 #
  • so glad you are back and healthy keiko. your post is as gorgeous as ever and your photos so evoking. lovely, lovely twist on the profiteroles.

    Posted by Aran | 25 February 2010 #
  • great eye and use of aperture. your composition is superior.

    Posted by HVH | 25 February 2010 #
  • welcome back to the blogging world, i was wondering if you were going to post again- very pleased to see that you have. i had the pleasure of being invited to don alfonso when i lived in Rome, you are very lucky to have had this insider’s view of the place. beautiful photos and lovely write-up. capaccio must have been a dream. best wishes, shayma

    Posted by shayma | 26 February 2010 #
  • absolutely stunning! I feel like i went on a gorgeous journey filled with sunlight and great food. I also loved how you mentioned the cows and your need to know that they are well kept i believe it makes a huge difference! Gorgeous post!

    Posted by nadia | 26 February 2010 #
  • much awaited post! delicious and tempting as always

    Posted by Jessica | 26 February 2010 #
  • Outstanding! Wow! I just took the most beautiful trip thanks to this post!
    Thank you Keiko!

    Posted by Helen-Tartelette | 26 February 2010 #
  • What a beautiful photo essay.I am e-mailing this link to myself so I can savor. I am very intrigued by the eggplant and chocolate. I came for the profiteroles. I stayed for Italy.

    Posted by Claudia | 26 February 2010 #
  • Welcome back to the blog! Hope you get well soon!!! Your website has made my life filled with color…

    Posted by May May | 26 February 2010 #
  • Wow… these are killer photographs. Just beautiful!

    Posted by Eileen | 26 February 2010 #
  • I was so excited to see your new entry today! I’m sorry to hear that you got sick during the holiday season. I hope you’re all well now. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I have been obsessed with it! Your photos are amazing and your writing is as impressive as they are. Being from Japan and living overseas myself, it is very encouraging to know that there are talented and successful women from my country like you out there! The aubergine millefeuilles is definitely an eye opening. I lived in Okinawa for 2 years and when I read your post I instantly thought if Okinawans would ever come up with any kind of dessert with goya. Maybe not. Thank you for creating such an inspirational blog!

    Posted by Kaho | 26 February 2010 #
  • Welcome back! We miss you. Hope you’re feeling better. Looking forward to your next adventure.

    Posted by L | 26 February 2010 #
  • Oh Keiko! I am so glad you are back! :) I was waiting and waiting for something different than a lilac ‘vespa’! Beautiful post! Thank you for coming back :)

    Posted by Nur Suraya | 26 February 2010 #
  • I’m so happy that you are back and you are feeling better! You have no idea how many times I came back to look through your old photos while you were away. They are so beautiful and they inspire me so much. And of course I’m loving every single photo in this post, too. :)

    Posted by Kitchen M | 26 February 2010 #
  • beautiful photos!

    Posted by kat | 26 February 2010 #
  • Keiko Lovely to see you back posting. What a fabulous trip and such gorgeous photos.

    They make a candied eggplant in Moroccan cuisine. I haven’t tried it but have a recipe I may try someday.

    Posted by barbara | 26 February 2010 #
  • They look delicious. I have never combined eggplant and chocolate before. Interesting idea!

    Posted by Lucy | 26 February 2010 #
  • Welcome back! Ohisashiburi, we have been waiting for you. I hope you’re feeling better and thank you for the lovely recipe.

    Posted by Sasa | 26 February 2010 #
  • hello! here in Italy is early morning, and I am glad to have switched on the PC, and see these beautiful photos.
    picture of peace, photo light, an expression of goodness and kindness.
    I’m still smiling for the glasses, the light through the leaves, the cat dozing and the bull so expressive!
    thanks for this good day, and good morning to you too!
    hello ..

    Posted by linda | 26 February 2010 #
  • Don Alfonso 1890 did well to invite you and some other fantastic bloggers and extraordinary photographers over – I’m so ready to book my tickets to Amalfi NOW.
    Re: aubergine in a dessert – I need to think about it a little first, but who knows :)
    So glad to see you posting again, dear Keiko!

    Posted by Pille @ Nami-Nami | 26 February 2010 #
  • Gorgeous photos! What a wonderful place…does seem like paradise! Everything looks divive, from the place, the food, the cheese (!!), and the people. And what and interesting dessert…I love aubergine but have never had it in a dessert before!

    Posted by joey | 26 February 2010 #
  • Beautiful, delectable photos. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Posted by Lou | 26 February 2010 #
  • It’s nice to have you back! It sounds like you had the most sublime time in Italy. Your photos are beautiful, and the aubergine millefeuille looks divine. I’ve never heard of aubergine used in a dessert before, but it’s one of my favourite vegetables so I might try it one day.

    Posted by Sakura | 26 February 2010 #
  • Wonderful post. You have been much missed! On the plus side your absence made me look through the archives, it’s developed so much over the years which makes looking back a lovely story in itself

    I became a big fan of aubergines on a trip to Sicily last year. They use them for everything there but this is the first time i’ve seen it used for deserts! I think you would love Sicily if you haven’t been and all those lemons are just made for your photographic eye

    Many thanks again for your inspiring posts and please pop back in soon!

    Posted by Paul | 26 February 2010 #
  • Beautiful photos, as ever

    Posted by Maninas | 26 February 2010 #
  • I have been looking hopelessly to your site since days, discovered the update the moment you posted it ! Great photos, I love to read the details as well. Already looking forward to the nest post :))

    Posted by Isin | 26 February 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko,

    so lovely to see a post from you – I really have missed them as I am not a fan of twitter and have instead kept looking here!! :-))
    Wonderful pictures once again.
    Happy to hear you are feeling better.

    Best wishes


    Posted by Helen | 26 February 2010 #
  • okay, you’re now making up for not just two seasons but at least five, with all this goodness.
    will read it all later but you just had me drooling and dreaming of summer time and ripe tomatoes somehow. :)

    Posted by la ninja | 26 February 2010 #
  • Ohhhhhh Keiko – what a comeback! I will moon over these photos for days upon days upon days.
    So glad you’re feeling better. We missed you!!!

    Posted by Cat | 26 February 2010 #
  • My goodness this is all completely amazing! I’ll be back.

    Posted by carolyn | 26 February 2010 #
  • WOW Beautiful, love your blog! amazing

    Posted by Rowaida Flayhan | 26 February 2010 #
  • お帰りなさ~い。

    Posted by cocopuff1212 | 26 February 2010 #
  • Welcome again, don’t let us orphans so many time, we miss you.

    Posted by Cris,bcn | 26 February 2010 #
  • Welcome back, Keiko. :o)

    Posted by pcm | 26 February 2010 #
  • welcome back and glad to hear you are feeling better! thank u for taking us on such an exquisite journey with you. i’m mildly obsessed with profiteroles as well!

    Posted by giao | 26 February 2010 #
  • Your posts always leave me speechless…
    I’m intrigued by this aubergine/chocolate combination.

    Posted by Vanille | 27 February 2010 #
  • Utterly charming post, gorgeous. I want to hang on to every frame, to every word. It’s beautiful. The dessert in the end has me particularly intrigued. Amazing!

    Posted by deeba | 27 February 2010 #
  • You pictures speak a million words, they are always just so beautiful and breathtaking. They leave me mesmerized every time i see them, they are like music, like a beautiful symphony … that enrapture you and take you away into its own world. Love your pictures …


    Posted by Kate@aapplemint | 27 February 2010 #
  • Thank you for reminding me how beautifull those particular days have been, it almost seems ages ago :) Your pictures of course, as always, are stunning (how could they not? ;) and I especially like the profiteroles, they’re exactely like a great idea should be: simple and elegant, I’ll definitely give them a try! ;)

    Posted by Sigrid | 28 February 2010 #
  • I hope you have made a complete recovery. I was beginning to worry but I read your entries several times and so occupied myself with older ones. Your writing and photos are more entertaining and beautiful than daily updates on other blogs – I enjoy them thoroughly. I am moved to comment as it had been so long, and even should you take another month or two, it’s worth the wait. May the rest of your year be wonderful.

    Posted by naomi | 28 February 2010 #
  • wow, I went to Amalfi last october and you sure make me miss it now. Your pictures are amazing and represent the ambiance of Italy perfectly.

    Posted by Catherine | 28 February 2010 #
  • Hallo Keiko
    Very beautiful shots and i hope you are well now. I have been waiting for yr updates for so long and thanks alot for sharing yr new articles. You hv always inspired me to be more creative:) I understand that it’s not an overnight effort to produce such wonderful photos and writeups. But you are so good at it!
    I am wondering which camera/lens you normally use as I am trying to look for an upgrade for my photography. Your photos are just so breathtaking….hear from you!!

    Posted by Jacqueline | 28 February 2010 #
  • Amazing! As always.

    Posted by Doris | 28 February 2010 #
  • Your pictures are breathtaking! I’m still struggling to get mine right and this is as inspiring as it can get. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Posted by Alexandra Zeevy | 28 February 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko, good to have you back. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but never commenting, however, your stunning photos prompted me to say hi and to thank you for such a wonderful write-up. Moreover, the images stirred so much emotion in me, reminding me of our trip to the Amalfi Coast in 2003, to the point that I’m retrieving my pictures from the trip and re-living the experience anew. Thanks for this trip in time.

    Posted by Gosia | 28 February 2010 #
  • What a glorious set of photos, I feel as if I will have to revisit them a few more times to let them fully sink in. Love the look of those chocolate aubergines & profiteroles!

    Sorry to hear you weren’t well over the holiday period, winter’s a dastardly time so I hope you’re fully recovered now.

    Posted by scandilicious | 28 February 2010 #
  • Your blog is amazing! You have a new follower. Linn

    Posted by Linn @ Swedish Home Cooking | 1 March 2010 #
  • So glad you are back. I’ve just read some of the other comments that have been left – a lot of people have missed you, hope you are feeling very loved.

    Posted by Marg | 1 March 2010 #
  • Your post was well worth waiting for. I drift into a dream watching your photos. Lovely blog!

    Posted by Cecilia | 1 March 2010 #
  • What a great blog. The Italian passion for fresh ingredients is unrivalled – in particular, those balls of mozzarella look delicious. Been thinking about building a pizza oven in my back garden (no, really, it can be done without too much stress apparently!). And glad to see a cat in the blog somewhere too…

    Posted by andrew | 1 March 2010 #
  • I found you through Jen at Use Real Butter, and WOW! What a beautiful post to stumble into! Gorgeous photography and what an amazing trip you had! I’ll come by and visit again soon, now that I know about you.

    Posted by Janet Meyer | 2 March 2010 #
  • Tottemo kirei!!! Thank you for sharing Keiko-san. So glad to hear you are feeling better :)

    Posted by Yumi | 2 March 2010 #
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    Posted by Ale | 2 March 2010 #
  • Hello Keiko-san,
    I love your photos – fantastic colour/light. I keep following you. Take care of yourself – おからだお大事にしてくださいね。

    Posted by Lemon | 2 March 2010 #
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    Posted by sayuri | 3 March 2010 #
  • hi keiko – it’s good to see you back here! (i’ve been following your tweets too, and enjoying them ;))

    hmmm intriguing filling for profiteroles – i should give that a try, especially now that i still crave for choux pastry but i have no more coarse sugar to make chouquettes.

    take care!

    Posted by Lil | 3 March 2010 #
  • i’m glad you are back, we missed you! lovely photos as always and the profiterols ook divine, hope you are feeling better, cheers

    Posted by pity | 3 March 2010 #
  • Keikoさん、お久し振りです!


    Posted by Lee | 4 March 2010 #
  • The photos are so gorgeous and stunning. I felt that I was inside those photos having that tour with you.

    Posted by Divina | 4 March 2010 #
  • your photos are so amazing!

    Posted by mouni | 4 March 2010 #
  • Sounds like a place to put on top of my travel list!! Beautiful pictures, and their cooking philosophy makes me wanna go asap.

    Posted by Anja (Savorychicks) | 6 March 2010 #
  • 憧れのイタリア〜〜!しかもこんな素晴らしいところで目にも口にも身体すべてにおいしい体験!
    特に記事のdairy farmにそそられてます^m^*
    I do hope you’re completely well:))

    Posted by akane | 6 March 2010 #
  • こんにちは。

    Posted by y_and_r_d | 7 March 2010 #
  • great shots Keiko, as always! nothing to say about places and products… I know them very well! bye, chiara

    Posted by chiara.u | 7 March 2010 #
  • mancha italia keiko…. wont be long am back in europe again…

    Posted by shalimar | 8 March 2010 #
  • Keiko- we are so glad to have you back! It was wonderful looking through your photos. I am now “homesick” for Italy. It’s been a while since we have traveled there and I could use a good dose! Your photos amaze me, as always. Thank you for such a gorgeous post- it’s helping me get through a very dreary day… :)

    Posted by Tokyo Terrace | 9 March 2010 #
  • My dear keiko, I am so glad that you are well again. I have decided to revive my english language blog ‘a wee bit of sugar’ this sunday and the post will be specially dedicated to you. you who inspire me so much with your beautiful posts and photography. have a beautiful early spring weekend.

    Posted by valentina | 13 March 2010 #
  • Dear Keiko,
    yaay a new post !!!!

    First of all sorry to hear you were not well but am sincerely hoping all that is behind you now and WOW WOW WOW was I pleased to see your post today, it’s like getting a present! Beautiful as always my heart almost missed a beat seeing all these beautiful photos.
    Wishing you much health
    best regards

    Posted by liz | 13 March 2010 #
  • Dear Keiko,
    so nice to see you back with such lovely photos. Thanks for this joyful post

    Posted by bonheursdesophie | 14 March 2010 #
  • Thank you for taking me along on this journey. Just beautiful—the photos-the food—everything.

    Posted by Melanie | 14 March 2010 #
  • Thank you for letting us travel virtually with you. Looks like a dreamy place which I’d love to visit! Your photos are sublime. Glad you feel well and are blogging again!

    Posted by Sarka | 14 March 2010 #
  • Finally!!! thanks for the post. Wonderful as always. Hay, makes me want to return to Italy. :)

    Posted by carina | 16 March 2010 #
  • You make art look easy. Very beautiful and informative. Makes me want want to hop on a plane right now

    Posted by Tzu-yen | 18 March 2010 #
  • your shots are amazing and it made me wants to learn more about food photography!
    woud you mind sharing your tips in taking photos?
    keep up with the great blog as well !


    Posted by jossi | 19 March 2010 #
  • I waited for your post. It’s been awhile. Your Italian trip is amazing and the pictures speak for itself. Looking forward to your next post.

    Posted by The Artist Chef | 19 March 2010 #
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    Posted by Emmanuela | 22 March 2010 #
  • hi there Keiko.
    have read your blog a few times on my journey’s through cyberspace. It was only after enquiring after suffolk food blogs that I realised you were based in Suffolk. I live not far from Aldeburgh and co- own with my sister the Wild Strawberry Cafe in Woodbridge. Its great to see that you can still be right on the pulse even living betwixt the rolling fields and ancient oaks of suffolk. Your blog is beautiful, words and pictures. thanks
    please pop by and say hi if you are ever in woodbridge.

    Posted by isobel mcgovern | 23 March 2010 #
  • I love your photos!!! ^ – ^

    Posted by caramel à la fleur de sel | 23 March 2010 #
  • hi keiko!
    i’ve been reading your blog for awhile and i love your photographs! i’m a beginning photographer myself, and i was wondering whether you shoot film or digital + what camera you use? your pictures are absolutely stunning and your blog is an inspiration!

    Posted by Mary | 3 April 2010 #
  • Terriffic post! Fantastic pictures!
    I´m so inspired!


    Posted by Torbjorn Lagerwall | 27 April 2010 #
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    Posted by msmarmitelover | 24 June 2010 #
  • I am droolikg over the food and yearning to visit this beautiful place. I love how your photos convey such a strong sense of how it feels to BE there, rather than just what it looked like. I can hear the cicadas and taste the truffled pasta :)

    Posted by Jeanne @ CookSister! | 8 July 2010 #
  • I stumbled across your blog today and absolutely love it! I was so inspired from this post I drew inspiration for my post today. Thank you for the inspiration, I hope you enjoy your image in my post.


    Posted by Christina | 5 July 2011 #
  • Unas imagenes que también deleitan al paladar, grandes fotos para grandes platos.

    Posted by Pedro Álvarez | 4 March 2012 #

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