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20 October 2005

We visited a big weekly market in Aix en Provence since we missed the St Remy one when we were in Barcelona – beautiful Aix was more like a small city rather than a town. (By the way, my main source of information on Provence markets was this book which I found on Cheryl’s bookshelves – wonderful writing with beautiful pictures.)





You’ll find all sorts of things in the market as well as food, I almost got a set of creme brulee dishes and a caramelising iron (what is that thing called?)! (I’ve got a blowtorch, but I’ve found some desserts recipes that require the iron thing and I was quite keen to get one, I haven’t seen it in the UK.) We couldn’t buy any meat or fish here because we had to carry things around for a while – still, the vegetables, fruit, olives, cheese etc we bought there were absolutely delicious, it was another happy day for us :)




Although only for a day trip, we managed to visit Marseille too. I’ve heard about this city being, um, a bit rough, but we really enjoyed wandering around and accidentally riding through Le Panier, the old quarter with lots of narrow streets – think of a French version of Spaccanapoli – was good fun. The daily fish market in Vieux Port was interesting to watch – you can see fishermen unloading fish as small boats arrive in the quay – literally ‘catch of the day’! No fancy display or anything, all manner of fish in one big container and they pack up when the fish is gone.





You can see the Notre Dame de la Garde from almost everywhere in the city and the panoramic view from it was stunning – definitely worth visiting if you’re ever in Marseille. Anyway, I shall look forward to going back to try bouillabaisse next time…




Arles is a lovely Roman town, when we got there in the evening there was a big bullfight (I didn’t even know that they have bullfights in France!) going on at the amphitheatre. Some people were dressing up in old costumes and the whole town was one big party! I loved this little town, it’s the sort of place where you ‘would love to’ get lost and wander about for a while :)




I’m posting about the short trip to Barcelona next time, I feel even more fishy photos coming up…

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  • I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the cured sausages, spices, or the fish from the last post. : )

    Posted by emi | 20 October 2005 #
  • ha ha ha

    the exact same cafe in Aix

    we were there last year

    (before we bought a decent camera)

    see web link

    Posted by sam of becks & posh | 20 October 2005 #
  • trying again

    mispelt the url in the last attempt

    Posted by the same cafe in Aix | 20 October 2005 #

    it wont let me link it so I am trying here instead

    Posted by sam | 20 October 2005 #
  • very pretty pictures. like it!

    Posted by älva | 20 October 2005 #
  • i got to notre dame de la garde past 7pm and they’ve closed it, so didn’t get a chance to have a peek inside.. :(

    and gosh, didn’t even know they had such a wonderful market at aix! wait till i tell meg... maybe we should plan to go back there again! :)

    Posted by Lil | 20 October 2005 #
  • Province is the great hole in my Mediteranean excursions.

    Some day...

    Posted by kevin | 20 October 2005 #
  • I like the spice pic, it’s wonderful! They are all beautiful but if I have to choose one...

    Posted by ilva | 20 October 2005 #
  • I food you through Slashfood.

    Great photos. I’ve always wanted to go here, now I want to go NOW

    Posted by FJK | 20 October 2005 #
  • Hey Keiko,

    Just posted my Barcelona pics, check them out before you go and put me to shame.

    Posted by Monkey Gland | 20 October 2005 #
  • Keiko,

    Such wonderful pictures! you have a knack for framing a shot! The one of the spices reminds me of the my picture at Galeries Lafayette in Paris - I also like the one of the church bench.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog so I write about my Paris trip and baking experiments, but I’m quite tied up now with my pastry internship - so in the meantime I’ll do my best to add copious notes to my flickr pics!

    Posted by Anita | 20 October 2005 #
  • Hey Keiko -

    From that first spice pictures, I thought for sure you were in Morocco!

    (That thing for creme brulee? I think you’re referring to a salamander, right?)

    Posted by Fatemeh | 20 October 2005 #
  • Lying on the floor, pounding the carpet with sheer jealousy! Your photos are beautiful and your descriptions lovely as well. Thank you so much.

    Posted by Suebob | 21 October 2005 #
  • I recognised the pics of Arles from my visit 9 years ago. Your pictures have really captured the ambience of the region Keiko.

    Posted by Barbara | 21 October 2005 #
  • hi keiko wow looks like you had a great time. lovely pictures!

    Posted by gwenda | 22 October 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko - good to have you back and see you guys had a great time on vacation. That last shot has loosely reminded me of a painting by van Gogh - the one called Cafe Terrace at Night, know what I mean? Lovely.

    Posted by chika | 23 October 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko

    Kiri and I were wondering if you and your lovely puss cat would like to come to his first birthday party next weekend?

    Hope you can make it

    Posted by clare eats | 23 October 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko,

    Those are such beautiful photographs! You could even make a Provence photo book with them for their tourism industry :) Wow...thank you for sharing your lovely experience with all of us...

    Posted by soycap | 23 October 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko, your photos are absolutely stunning. Im afraid that I probably say that every time I comment, but they truly are breathtaking! You make me want to get to Provence as soon as I can. And I’m looking forward to seeing your creations with your new kitchen tools!

    Posted by Michele | 23 October 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko . Beautiful pics ! It’s a pleasure for the eyes to visit your blog.

    For your information: Dishes for “crème brûlée” are called “cassolettes” and the iron “fer à brûler”.

    “Anyway, I shall look forward to going back to try bouillabaisse next time..” So pay attention to eat a really delicious Bouillabaisse and not something called so. Real Bouillabaisse is expensive.

    And last not least, Aix-en-Provence counts 134 324 inhabitants (rank 23 of French towns).:-)

    Have a nice day.

    Greetings from Corsica.Christa

    Posted by Christa | 24 October 2005 #
  • Keiko,

    You have such a great eye for details. Love your photos...esp the 2nd last one. somehow you’ve captured the colors so well. Can’t wait for the fishy Barcelona ones....;-)

    Posted by steffles | 24 October 2005 #
  • keiko,

    I like the light that shone on the cathedral bench, very attention grabbing as well as the colorful spices. the cathedral architecture is so beautifully constructed as well.

    May I know if the books provides maps & recommended itineraries?? thanks!

    btw, just to reply you from your previous post.

    I use to rode around West Malaysia on Yamaha bikes, with plans to Golden Triangle / Mae Hong Son. However, these plans have to be shelved when the work becomes too hectic that left me little time. So sold off bike & no more on 2 wheels, Well, perhaps occassion on scooter now ;P

    Posted by slurp! | 24 October 2005 #
  • Ouaouw ! I live in Aix. I didn’t know it was such a beautiful town !


    Your pictures are fantastic. Marseille is wonderful, isn’t it ?

    Posted by Le confit, c’est pas gras ! | 27 October 2005 #
  • I’m going to Nice in a few weeks and am planning some of the same day trips that you have taken, so your pictures are thrilling me! Crossing fingers that the weather cooperates.

    Posted by Luisa | 27 October 2005 #
  • Oh my gosh, Keiko- your photos are *beyond* gorgeous! It seems as though you had a wonderful time, and fortunately we’re able to see some of what you saw...thank you!

    Posted by Moira | 28 October 2005 #
  • A bullfight in France?! That’s very interesting. And you can see from the costumes of the women that they had Spanish influence.

    Posted by celiaK | 28 October 2005 #
  • Wonderful photos, as usual. I especially love the first one. (I wonder what they would do on a windy day... ) Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by obachan | 28 October 2005 #
  • Hi there, thanks so much for all your kind notes.

    Sam - did you enjoy the market too?

    Lil - yes, maybe you should go back there ;)

    Anita - look forward to visiting your blog :)

    Fathmeh - thanks for letting me know, I’ll keep hunting for it.

    Barbara - did you go inside the amphitheatre? We were too late to get in, but it looks great in the pictures...

    Chika - as you may know, van Gogh did lots of paintings in Provence, especially Arles - so that kind of makes sense.

    Clare - glad you and Kiri had a lovely time, happy belated birthday!

    Christa - thank you for your tips/info, I look forward to going back there again. Corsica must be a beautiful place too...

    Slurp - I liked the cathedral, it was beautiful. We had a lot of guidebooks at our friend’s place - the michelin green guide has some good itineraries. Riding around Malaysia must be fantastic - it’s a shame that you sold your bike, but hopefully you’ll get one again one day...

    Le confit - I’m jealous you live in such a beautiful town! And yes, Marseille was a fascinating place too.

    Celia - I didn’t even realise that the costumes were Spanish!

    Obachan - I guess they might have to give up working on windy days...

    Posted by keiko | 31 October 2005 #
  • Oh, i was born in Aix en Provence and i like this town.Do you know Cassis, a small town near Marseille ? Ah, les Calanques de Cassis. In French, says : Qui a vu Paris et n’a pas vu Cassis n’a rien vu : Who saw Paris and didn’t see Cassis, see nothing !

    Posted by Fabienne | 18 June 2006 #
  • Hi Fabienne - thank you for your notes, Aix is a beautiful town indeed. I was hoping to go to Cassis when I was in Marseille but didn’t have time sadly. Hopefully next time...

    Posted by keiko | 23 June 2006 #

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