It's Cold Outside...

20 February 2005

We’ve had cold, wet, miserable weather (even snow) recently – which isn’t uncommon in this country, as you might know. I really needed warm, comfort food to get through this, so I made beetroot soup for lunch. I know some people are put off by this bright red root vegetable – I wonder if that’s because they are so used to eating them out of jars of vinegar.

I just like a plain taste for this soup. No vinegar, no garlic, just with onions and vegetable stock. I really like the earthy flavour (and the vibrant colour of course) – it reminds me of simple, yet delicious, Japanese meals.

It’s still cold, but spring is definitely coming – as you can see from this first blossom I saw today!

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  • Oh Keiko, this is such a gorgeous photo! And those cherry blossoms! How beautiful!

    Posted by Viv | 21 February 2005 #
  • Beautiful colour! This colour already warm me up...

    I knew it is still cold there, but it has been snowing even in Kyusyu! I hope the weather will be nicer when we get there!

    Posted by mariko | 21 February 2005 #
  • gorgeous. gorgeous gorgeous!

    Posted by sam | 21 February 2005 #
  • Viv - I took this picture at a nearby park which used to be a big abbey. It has beautiful gardens and we have picnics in the summer, I can’t wait!

    Mariko - I’m hoping it’ll be warmer when you come over too. Don’t forget to take warm clothes though!

    Sam - Did I make you feel homesick?

    Posted by keiko | 22 February 2005 #
  • That is such a gorgeous photo! Your soup looks like it has a thinner consistency than mine...I’m guessing you used more liquid, or did you actually strain it? The budding tree also gives me hope for warmer weather to come!

    Posted by Alice | 24 February 2005 #
  • Hi Alice - thanks for visiting. You can’t really tell from the picture, but mine is quite thick as well... and I prefer a thicker texture! I didn’t strain it, just pureed it in the blender. I’m afraid we’ll need more warm soups before the *real* spring arrives!

    Posted by keiko | 25 February 2005 #

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