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5 May 2006

Just managed to spend a week in Paris and here are some shots from the trip (and my photo blog will be Paris-based for a while :)) I visit the city whenever I can but it’s always a very short trip – so I was happy to spend a little more time with friends this time, rather than rushing around shops most of the stay…

The weather couldn’t have been better and everyone was making the most of it. I visited a few markets this time – luckily I could cook myself since I was staying with a friend. Wish I could do this every day, look at those lovely vegetables!

Although I enjoyed lovely food throughout the stay, the best meal I had this time was a Japanese one that my friend made :) She invited me to her place where, along with some other Japanese friends, we enjoyed her gorgeous food – as well as girl talk, I nearly missed the last metro :)

I had a chance to meet up with some fellow food bloggers there also – kind-hearted David arranged a get-together at a lovely wine bar just off St Honore and he even managed to take some of us to a special pastry tour beforehand :) Also there were Meg, Michele, Pascale, Clotilde, Alisa and Melissa. It was really lovely meeting them in person – as you know, it’s a little strange feeling that you know people who you’ve never met!

I finally managed to visit this beautiful little shop too – Denise was indeed a sweet and passionate schoolgirl :) All the fresh goodies from the city are long gone, but I got some pastry ingredients and ideas for cakes too, so hopefully I’ll try them out soon…


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  • Beautiful photos, Keiko - they seem to capture the very essence of Paris! I’m glad you had a wonderful time, it makes me eager to go back soon too.

    Posted by Melissa | 5 May 2006 #
  • beautiful as usual.....hope you enjoy a lot ! I’ve no time to read all of it but I’ll be back soon !

    Posted by mercotte | 5 May 2006 #

    This is just wonderful to see Keiko:)

    Your trip sounds perfect.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Posted by Carolg@pb | 5 May 2006 #
  • Aren’t the vegetable considerably cheap over in Franch?? The pictures are amazing I wish I could have gone with you.

    Posted by shanna | 5 May 2006 #
  • Gorgeous photos of Paris, Keiko. I like the mix of scenes. Makes me feel like I just took a long stroll. The dinner at your friends house looks especially tasty. The last one just might be the most original view of the Eiffel Tower ever taken!

    Posted by Brett | 5 May 2006 #
  • Beautiful pictures! One question, when you focus on other people or strangers on your photos, do you get their permission to put the pictures online? Is it necessary?

    Posted by Julia | 5 May 2006 #
  • what an amazing journey!! love your photos.

    Posted by Kat | 5 May 2006 #
  • hi keiko, i’ve been looking forward to this post ;) totally gorgeous pictures as only you can take! can’t wait to hear more about what sounds like a very lovely trip

    Posted by Joycelyn | 5 May 2006 #
  • Lovely photos, Keiko. I was planning to go to Paris for my birthday a fortnight ago, but had to change plans sadly. After seeing your pictures I’m more desperate to go than ever;)

    It’s great you got to see some Paris-based bloggers as well!

    Posted by Pille | 5 May 2006 #
  • Keiko, gorgeous photos as always. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Posted by cath | 5 May 2006 #
  • No...You’re The Best, Keiko!

    Posted by David L | 5 May 2006 #
  • Simply... beautiful!!! And gorgeous... :-)

    I love your photo, and PAris too....


    Posted by Sandra | 5 May 2006 #
  • Oh I am beyond jealous! Looks like you had an amazing time!

    Posted by Dianka | 5 May 2006 #
  • This is fantastic! If you’d put this together into a coffee table book I’d be the first in line to buy it. I’m suddenly feeling so very French! Thanks for the photo journey.

    Posted by Kevin | 5 May 2006 #
  • Very beautifull Keiko, Paris is lovely...


    Posted by Shanna | 6 May 2006 #
  • Sounds like a fantastic trip Keiko! I most certainly try to visit the markets next time i visit.

    I love the eifel tower photo! Is that a reflection from the ground? Amazing. You certainly have the knack [is that how you spell that? haha]

    Posted by mae | 6 May 2006 #
  • Keiko, it was such a pleasure meeting you, and I hope that on your next visit we can get together and do our own girl talk! Your photos are beautiful!!!

    Posted by Alisa Morov-Bosc | 6 May 2006 #
  • Keiko, your pictures are gorgeous, I only wish I could take pictures half as good as you! It was great to meet you Keiko and hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet up again next time you come to town!

    Posted by michele | 6 May 2006 #
  • ohhhhhhhhhh...i miss paris

    Posted by Latifa | 6 May 2006 #
  • I feel the irrepressible need to add myself to the masses and say:

    Oh my GOD your photography is WONDERFUL.

    Carry on.

    Posted by Camden | 7 May 2006 #
  • Wonderful pictures, I love the one of the dog with the red collar!

    Posted by gastrochick | 7 May 2006 #
  • i miss you keiko

    am not jealous of the market since I am now based here in france

    my biggest prob is i cant enjoy taking photos since I go to the market almost daily to shop for work

    my mind is on whats on my list and the le ticket that i had to ask from the vendors

    then, I rush to the boulangerie for croissants then back to work

    but am jealous of yr trip and the photos

    Posted by sha | 7 May 2006 #
  • Fantastic photos Keiko, as usual. Your perspective and composition in your photos is fantastic.

    I am completely jealous of you being able to flit over to Paris so easily. It looks abd sounds like you had a great trip.


    Posted by hag | 7 May 2006 #
  • oh la la, la belle paris! wonderful pictures indeed keiko, and i am so glad that you get to meet so many paris based bloggers! now i am missing paris more than ever... must squeeze a trip in next month if i can...

    Posted by Lil | 7 May 2006 #
  • I was considering visiting Rome next year but after seeing your photos Keiko I’ve decided to go back to Paris. Gorgeous.

    Posted by Barbara | 8 May 2006 #
  • Hi there, thanks so much for all your kind notes.

    Melissa - I got lovely pistachios at G Detou ;) Hope you are doing well, good luck with your PhD.

    Mercotte - it’s a shame we couldn’t meet up, but hopefully you can make it next time!

    Carol - I’ll email you some cafe shots later ;)

    Shanna - I don’t think things are cheap in Paris (well, not as expensive as London obviously) but when it comes to France in general, they definitely have more varieties than the markets in the UK.

    Brett - thank you, the dinner was wonderful indeed - I wish someone would cook dinner like that for me every day!

    Julia - I do ask when I can, but I can’t really when I’m using a long lens...

    Joycelyn - a small parcel is on its way ;)

    Pille - oh if you had been there at that time, I’m sure we could have met somewhere! Belated happy birthday again.

    David - thanks so much again for organising everything!

    Sandra, Latifa - everyone loves Paris...

    Kevin - I was feeling French too but can’t speak much French at all...

    Shanna - thank you for your notes, I hope you are doing well. Take care and looking forward to reading your posts again.

    Mae - yes, it’s a reflection in a puddle - people passing by thought I was suspicious :)

    Alisa - it was such a pleasure meeting you too, I look forward to more girl talk next time!

    Michele - your pictures are always beautiful :) Thanks for taking the time and hopefully see you again soon in Paris or in the UK!

    Camden, Gastrochick - thank you, the dog was sweet indeed!

    Shalimar - I miss you too, take care and don’t wok too hard :) Looking forward to seeing your beautiful pictures soon.

    Hag - that’s one of the advantages of living in Europe, although I’d like to visit lots more places...

    Lil - I hope you have time to visit there (and eat out every night ;))

    Barbara - I think Rome is as lovely as Paris :)

    Posted by keiko | 9 May 2006 #
  • wonderful, Keiko :-) I’m glad you’re having a great time in Paris. Wish I live close-by and could meet up with you too, but oh well...maybe if you’ll be vising Antibes, Nice or Cannes I guess. I’m not part of the Food blog community but a huge fan of FOOD and photos. Lovely shots and they make me want to go there now...

    Can’t wait to see more...

    Posted by Maya | 9 May 2006 #
  • wow! the market produce looks incredibly fresh & beautiful!

    you captured a very relaxing & wonderful atmosphere of paris. *sigh* someday, when i manage to get my month long leave approved, i will be able to tour around europe, till then, just have to drool at all your lovely photos :)

    tempura! so you missed japanese food after all :D

    Posted by slurp! | 9 May 2006 #
  • Ohisashi buri desu!

    Your photos made me feel even more excited about my France trip starting next week! I will be in Paris for a while also...I am so glad I actually have plans to be there!

    Posted by yuki | 10 May 2006 #
  • Amazing photos Keiko! I especially liked Denise’s photo. You definitely captured the little girl inside her.

    Posted by Cenk | 10 May 2006 #
  • lucky you! paris is always a beautiful city to visit.

    and as always, your images are gorgeous!

    Posted by kishko | 10 May 2006 #
  • Hi Keiko, sorry for the long silence, both on my own blog and on yours =o( I’ve now been in HK for one month (leaved Tokyo kicking and screaming) and still slowly trying to find my way around. We are finally moving to our own apt in two days. BTW, I did go to Idemi but the shop was closed at 2pm because everything was sold out!! Must go first thing in the morning when I go back to Tokyo again. Glad to see your lovely photos of Paris. I was dreaming of completing my Le Cordon Bleu course in Paris but found out I needed to speak French for the superior courses =o( Anyway, if you are ever in HK, let me know. Pastry shops here are not as nice as the ones in Tokyo or Paris, but there are plenty of nice dim sum places to go.

    Posted by Lynn | 11 May 2006 #
  • the last to picture has to be my favourite. Its just perfect. great job keiko. as usual. sayonara!

    Posted by fiordizucca | 11 May 2006 #
  • *Sigh* Keiko, what a beautiful trip! I’m so envious! Living in America. I can’t conveniently have weekend trips to Europe. But I’m happy that I can see snippets of Europe through your eyes. Keep’em coming!

    Posted by maria~ | 12 May 2006 #
  • WOW! These are really great pics!

    I really want to ask you taking photoes of my boyfriend’s cat someday.

    Anyway, see you soon!

    Posted by aya | 13 May 2006 #
  • keiko - what a fabulous collection of photos - the market shots are great with lots of colors, the food shots are as usual tantalizing to say the least but I totally love that last shot of the Eiffle Tower reflected off the puddle of water - GREAT EYE!

    Posted by eatzycath | 14 May 2006 #
  • I’m so disappointed to have missed our appointment in Paris ! Alice was so sick that i couldn’t really think about something else (but quickly cured and everything was ok on sunday !).

    Next time, let me take you to lunch to be forgiven !!

    Bye !


    Posted by Fred | 17 May 2006 #
  • Hi there, thanks for all your kind notes again.

    Maya - I’m already looking forward to heading Sud :)

    Slurp - you know, when some people mention ’Europe’ it often doesn’t include Britain (well, that’s correct in a sense) so make sure you come over to the UK to see me :) I actually miss Japanese food all the time!

    Cenk - she had ’little girl’ inside her indeed :)

    Lynn - I’m glad you and Libby are settling in the new place. It’s a shame you couldn’t try any Hidemi Sugino cakes, but I’m sure you’ll have another chance soon :) As you know there are so many Japanese learning at Cordon Bleu in Paris - every time I go to kitchen shops there, they ask me if I’m learning there as I buy lots of whisks/moulds etc. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how you’re getting on, take care.

    Maria - I was surprised it took less than 6 hours to go to NY from London, it takes twice as long to get to Japan from here!

    Aya - I’d love to :)

    Fred - Alice being well is the most important thing, I’m sure we’ll have another chance to meet up soon, looking forward to it.

    Posted by keiko | 20 May 2006 #
  • Hi Keiko

    Stunning photos as always - particularly the atmospheric one of the Eiffel Tower and the tables & chairs at the pavement cafe. And I had to giggle at the one of Davd ;-) I’m off to Paris with a friend in July and your photos have me feeling all inspired...

    Posted by Jeanne | 25 May 2006 #
  • It is amazing to see one of my favorite "poissonnier" photo on your blog!

    Next time you come to Paris, knock to the window!... for a cup of tea

    Posted by Gamelle | 28 May 2006 #
  • Hi Jeanne - thank you for your kind notes, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time - I’ll be waiting patiently for your report :)

    Hi Gamelle - I believe I took the picture in Bastille, thought he looked sweet ;) I’ll let you know next time, it’d be lovely to meet up.

    Posted by keiko | 30 May 2006 #
  • your portraits and still life shots are just as amazing as your food shots! you’re an inspiration to photo hobbyists like me. keep it up! :)

    Posted by aby | 1 October 2006 #

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