More Pics from Paris...

5 June 2005






I’m thinking about having another blog for my non-food-related photos (hopefully soon, but you know what I’m like) but for now, I’ve put some up here.

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  • Hi Keiko,

    Great pics!

    Piggy... an avid reader of your blog ;-)

    Posted by Piggy | 6 June 2005 #
  • Beautiful! All of them! I look forward to visiting Paris one day soon :-)

    Posted by rowena | 6 June 2005 #
  • Keiko! You were in Paris and you didn’t call!! (ha!ha!)
    Where is the location of your very first pic? The one with the floating roses?
    Nice to see you posting again!

    Posted by Melissa | 6 June 2005 #
  • Thank you so much, Keiko, for these lovely pictures. I love the colours, compositions, details, themes...

    Posted by Dreska | 6 June 2005 #
  • The first picture is just gorgeous. I’m very jealous you got to visit all these wonderful patisseries in Paris!

    Posted by Anita | 6 June 2005 #
  • Breath-taking photos!

    My mind wants the first photo to be a rose jelly dessert :)

    Posted by McAuliflower | 8 June 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko
    All the pictures look fabulous; particularly like the one of the vintage kitchenware, and of the lovely artichokes. Just recently started blogging; must say that your photography is a real inspiration!

    Haven’t visited Paris recently; when I was last there, P.H. had just joined Laduree at their then-new tea salon on Champs Elysees. But was in Tokyo earlier this year, and managed to visit the P.H. boutiqye in Aoyama - stuffed myself silly with Ispahan and all his other macarons :)

    Cheers, Joycelyn

    Posted by Joycelyn | 8 June 2005 #
  • I think you should keep the food and the non-food photos all together in one blog, because whatever they deal with, they are exceptional, and it is a welcome change from time to time to see some stunning non-food photograpy after so many ’chocolate blobs’ around the web.

    Posted by wow | 9 June 2005 #

  • けいこさん♪



    Posted by Sagami | 11 June 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko, your pictures are gorgeous. I am sure this has been asked and answered by you before, but i can’t find it anywhere, so i have to ask (again): Do you mind telling which camera you use? I want to buy a new one and though I am aware your pictures owe YOU more than your camera, they have a certain "clear" quality that I love and hope to recreate with the right camera.... Thanks in advance!

    Posted by Hande | 13 June 2005 #
  • Hi Keiko,

    What beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    Posted by Reid | 14 June 2005 #
  • What charming pictures - I’m especially fond of that little dog.

    Posted by tara | 14 June 2005 #
  • Hi there, sorry again for the late response...

    Piggy - thank you for your note, I’m sorry but your name reminds me of the sweet Miss Piggy in Muppet Show (which I love)...

    Rowena - thank you for your kind note as always, you must visit Paris AND London though...

    Melissa - I’m sorry but we were too busy meeting different friends every night... I promise I’ll let you know next time :)

    Dreska - thanks, I wanted to take more pictures but it was just too hot to do anything...

    Anita - thank you, I wish I could have a bite of your cakes, they are absolutely gorgeous!

    McAuliflower - thanks, I agree with you about a rose jelly dessert (although the bowl/vase was really big)...

    Joycelyn - thank you for your kind words. Have you lived in Paris? I just wish we could have *better cheaper* cakes in this country...

    Wow - thank you for your note, I still don’t know what to do with non-food pictures, I must say that I love chocolate blobs too...

    Sagami-san - ありがとうございます。はなちゃんがもう少し大きくなったら行けますよね、で、もっと大きくなったら一緒にお買い物もできますね!うらやましいです。

    Hande - thanks, I don’t know what kind of camera you’re looking for but mine is a Minolta A2 which is bigger than a compact but smaller than an SLR. I hope you will be happy whatever you get!

    Reid - I’d like to thank YOU for sharing lots of beautiful pictures with us :)

    Tara - thank you, you may not be able to tell from the picture, but the dog was tiny, smaller than my cat! I normally prefer bigger dogs but couldn’t resist when I saw it sitting there looking pretty...

    Posted by keiko | 16 June 2005 #
  • Wonderful photos as usual, Keiko. I mentioned your blog as being particularly inspirational when the local newspaper interviewed me about my small farms blog. I hope they put a link into the story. I wish more bloggers had your talent.

    Thank you so much for continuing your lovely work.

    Posted by Tana | 14 July 2005 #
  • Hi Tana - thank you so much for your kind note as always. I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s very inspiring and makes me want to visit all the places you mentioned!

    Posted by keiko | 15 July 2005 #
  • Incroyable !! I know this dog !! isn’t it the dog of an art gallery rue St Paul ?

    Just discovered your blog : it’s fabulous, you’re very talented. Bravo !


    Posted by Frédérique | 29 August 2005 #
  • Hi Frederique - thank you for dropping by, and yes, I found the tiny dog on rue St Paul! It seemed quite comfortable there and I guess he/she is used to being a model for travellers from all over the world...

    Posted by keiko | 30 August 2005 #
  • This dog is my daughter’s favorite ! She’s going to pre-school nearby... Blogs’ world’s so small !



    Posted by Frédérique | 30 August 2005 #
  • Hi Frederique - I’m jealous you live in such a lovely place! I’m sure the tiny dog doesn’t know that she/he is *that* popular (or maybe she does)... I hope I can see her (and you) again next time I visit :)

    Posted by keiko | 2 September 2005 #
  • nice to meet you~~ I have been admiring your photos for some times now. Everything seems so beautiful through your intrepretations~ thanks so much for sharing!!!!

    Posted by Peony | 6 April 2010 #

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