Cinnabon-ish trial

3 February 2005

Matthew has got such a sweet tooth and loves Cinnabon – however, it costs £2.5 (almost $5) for a roll here and I thought that was outrageous! Therefore I decided to make them myself.

I’ve made this ‘American favourite’ lots of times before, but I had to try it again with my new shiny KitchenAid. I’ve been using this recipe as I think it works well and tastes quite similar to the original (although I must say that it is a bit too detailed and I’ve taken some ingredients out or substituted. There seem to be lots of similar Cinnabon clone recipes) I do think their idea of using floss for cutting dough is great though (but I don’t think cinnamon flavour floss is necessary).

Before I got the KitchenAid, I had to add more flour (or less liquid) into the dough than it says in the recipe as it was so sticky that I simply couldn’t handle it. During my first dough hook trial I was so excited that I called Matthew to come and watch how it was going! It went pretty well and it was very quick! I used the whisk to make the frosting too, and so the whole process was much quicker than it used to be pre-KitchenAid. I’m not sure if this type of mixer works very well when you need a delicate touch for fine pastry etc, but it’s very useful for making meringue or kneading dough. I’m going to order an extra bowl as it’d definitely be handy when you need to work on more than one thing at the same time.

Fresh from the oven

Et bon appetit!

Oh, and I got a complimentary book with the mixer – it’s called The Ultimate Mixer Cookbook and tells you about what you can do with it. Although it seems that they try to do almost everything with the mixer – which I’m sure ends up more awkward than doing some things by hand – there are quite a few interesting recipes and I think I’m going to try some of them.

At the moment, I feel like an American domestic goddess (like Bree in Desperate Housewives) !

Speaking of Cinnabon, I tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts the other day. They were pretty good, but again, a bit too expensive – especially in the UK.

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  • I just discovered your blog and am extremely impressed! As others have previously noted, you are as gifted with a camera as you are in a kitchen.

    Your post reminded me of the first (and only) time I had the opportunity to order "grilled stickies" at The Diner in State College, Pennsylvania (USA) back in 1993.

    Thanks and best regards!

    Posted by Jack | 1 March 2005 #
  • Hi Jack - Thank you very much for your kind words... I just had a look at the ’grilled stickies’, they look and sound delicious! I’d love to try them at The Diner one day... I’m sorry you had them only once though, was that too sticky for you? If you have your own site, please let me know - I’d like to visit.

    Posted by keiko | 1 March 2005 #
  • Keiko,

    I recall that the Grilled Stickies were great when warm (and extra sticky)...I just haven’t had the opportunity to go back for seconds.

    Unfortuntately, I don’t have a weblog at this time although my Brother has suggested that I put one together. I will certainly let you know if I ever get around to it. In the meantime, feel free to send me a message at ( if you so inclined. You can also check out my Brother’s weblog ( is not strictly food related but he has also recently acquired a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and has been toying around with it.

    Posted by Jack | 3 March 2005 #
  • I love food photography and I do love cats: this is definitely my kind of site :-)

    Posted by stef | 3 March 2005 #
  • Hi Jack - Thanks for lettimg me know your contact as well as your brother’s blog, I really enjoy reading his posts! As he suggests, I think you should have one too! Meanwhile, I’ll visit his blog and report on how I’m getting on with my KA... Hope you can go back to the sticky Stickies soon!

    Hi Stef - Thank you for your kind words. I think I need your photo advice soon, I feel ’stuck’ already...

    Posted by keiko | 4 March 2005 #
  • The grilled Stickies at the College Inn Diner in State College, PA are the best! You can order them and have them shipped to you, I believe. They sell them so you can take them home and grill them yourself.Try that with the Cinnabon recipe. Instead of rolling them round, roll them flat, then slice into 1 inch thick slices and grill in a frying pan with butter on both sides as you would a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Posted by Susan | 6 March 2005 #
  • Hi Susan - Thanks for your extra stickies info, I must say although they don’t sound very health-conscious, I’m quite tempted...

    Posted by keiko | 8 March 2005 #
  • The reason for the expense at cinnabon bakerys in the Uk was that we lost sales and we needed some ground money to keep the bakerys open for business. If you were so dissatisfied by the products price you will be pleased to know that the Uk franchise is now out of work, and my family have lost all the money they put in.

    So maybe next time you might watch your mouth and simply say you wanted to eat as many cinnabons as possible so you made them yourself.

    Posted by Coy Representative | 11 January 2006 #
  • Coy Representative - I’m sorry about your bad luck, but in our defence, we were actually buying quite a lot of cinnabons and quite sad that the one in Victoria station had gone. I’m sure I’d have made as many home made ones even if the price had been cheaper, I just enjoy making things as well as buying from the shops.

    Posted by keiko | 20 January 2006 #
  • Wow! How completely uncalled for of you,Coy Rep., to say such things on Nordljus’ blog -- I’m sorry but if you don’t have a competitive price for your merchandise then it’s the way of business for you to exit the market. And it is certainly NOT kosher to be badgering Keiko as somehow personally responsible in some way for the demise of your store.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Cinnabons dearly, but your RUDE attitude and cowardly way of hiding behind an anonymous untraceable pseudonym is just indicative of the sort of low-life that are attracted to harrassing bloggers.

    If there’s any turn off to buying Cinnabons, it would be from having your conduct in mind rather than the cost of the buns.

    Posted by Anna Myerscough | 24 August 2006 #
  • Hear hear Anna!
    A completely unnecessary post.

    Keiko, this is a lovely site which I’m thrilled to have stumbled across while looking for information on Kitchen Aids.
    And now I want one!!! Must save, must save…

    Again, a wonderful site, I’ll be browsing around for ages!

    Posted by Sam | 29 November 2006 #
  • Hi Anna and Sam – I’m sorry I didn’t get back sooner, thank you so much for your kind notes.

    Posted by keiko | 13 January 2007 #
  • Just got a new Kitchenaid mixer and would love to make cinnabons. However, I am rubbish at making dough and I was hoping the Kitchenaid would help me out in this area. The recipe you link to directs you to use a bread machine. I know this is really stupid of me but is there any particular order or way I should add the ingredients to my Kitchenaid?

    Agree with previous posts, very nice site and the photography is excellent.

    Posted by Colette | 18 January 2007 #
  • Hi Colette – the bread machine in their recipe is just used for kneading the dough – so you can use a kitchenaid in the same way :)

    Posted by keiko | 12 February 2007 #
  • WOW.. am i pleased to find this little gem, by which i mean the recipe of Cinnabons.. :D
    I loved these little (ok i always got the big ones – oink oink) buns and im sad they are out of availability now.

    Can i ask if finding all the needed ingredients was easy in the UK?

    Im salivating at the thought of letting my chompers loose on one of these


    Posted by Victoria | 7 July 2007 #
  • I would like to know if anyone has used the kitchen aid to knead dough for flat chappatis. does it work cos normally i have to knead by hand and it takes ages

    Posted by sady | 31 August 2007 #
  • Hi there, thank you for all your notes and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you.

    Victoria – you should be able to find them easily – I omitted ‘vital wheat gluten’ and used unsalted butter instead of margarine, also vanilla extract & lemon juice instead of ‘flavoring’.

    Sady – I’ve never tried making chapati but I’m sure you can use a kitchenaid to knead the dough :)

    Posted by keiko | 21 January 2008 #
  • hay yall have way too many comment delet some ok?:?
    oh and the food looks really good!!!!!

    Posted by kenya | 30 April 2008 #
  • Meravigliose ricette!Le foto waw!
    Complimenti al gusto e allo stile.Sempre avanti così!

    Posted by Rut | 15 November 2010 #

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