The day it came to our kitchen

2 February 2005

Although this happened last Christmas, I’d like to share the happy story with you. I had always wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer like so many others who love cooking. Matthew knew I’d love to have one, but I had told him that I’d like a chrome one which is almost double the cost of the coloured ones! However, I had started thinking a white one might look good in our kitchen as well and I think I murmured this to him just before Christmas (even though I didn’t mean that was what I’d like for Christmas!) and he managed to get hold of one as a present. How exciting!

For my first trial with the KitchenAid, I decided to make cinnamon rolls – see what happened…

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  • stunning, beautiful pictures!
    I had a food aid for christmas too!
    it was a total suprise.
    aren’t they great?!

    Posted by Sam | 7 February 2005 #
  • Hi Sam

    Thank you for your comment - Yes, I read about your happy story and decided to put mine on as well! and yes, they are great (and look pretty!) - I’m sure I’ll be using it for a long time. BTW, I must try Sushi when I go to CA!

    Posted by keiko | 8 February 2005 #
  • Keiko - I linked your beautiful blog. I used my KA to make pancake batter last night and it was wonderful - all that ectra air in the batter makking them so light!

    Posted by Sam | 9 February 2005 #
  • Hi Sam

    Thanks again for your kind note - your pancakes must have tasted wonderful with lots and lots of happy memories (and a little help from KA). Thank you for sharing the lovely story.

    Posted by Keiko | 9 February 2005 #
  • Lucky girl, you! I’ve been wanting a Kitchenaid forever, but besides the logistic problem of bringing it back to Japan from the States, I also just found out that the 6Qt Pro version that I want won’t fit under my kitchen cabinets!! Now I have to wait till I move to another place with higher under-the-cabinet space. sigh...

    Posted by Lynn | 18 March 2005 #
  • Hi Lynn - Mine is the normal 5qt model, but is the 6qt one much bigger/taller? I hope you’ll find space for it soon!

    Posted by keiko | 24 March 2005 #
  • You have the most incredible pistures! It’s the best! Is is okay to okay to ask what kind of camera and film are you using? I love your blog! Your pictures look almost real!
    (Minnesota, USA)

    Posted by | 19 June 2005 #
  • Hi dwallenmeyer - thank you for dropping by, I’ve got only one camera and it’s a Minolta A2 (digital). It’s bigger than a compact but not too bad to carry around!

    Posted by keiko | 20 June 2005 #
  • Hi keiko its me again; i just wanted to let you know that i used this picture in my new food blog as i couldnt find any beautiful picture of a kitchenaid satnd mixer. i hope you’re ok with that. let me know if you want me to remove it from my blog

    Posted by Fanny | 25 July 2005 #
  • Hi Fanny - thanks for letting me know, I hope you’ll enjoy blogging!

    Posted by keiko | 25 July 2005 #
  • Don’t know if you’ve seen the TV spot, but the offer seems pretty good and I wanted to share it. There selling the high-end mixer for $299. Plus you get attachments & gadgets & cookbook. I ordered one and it came in 3 days. I don’t know the 800 number to order, but there is a web site with the offer at

    There are also offers on attachments.

    Posted by nancya | 8 September 2005 #
  • Hi Nancya - thanks so much for your info, it really seems like a good offer but unfortunately I live in the UK and I can’t use the US model... Maybe I can order extra bowls from them! I’m sure you find it extremely useful, it’s already something I can’t live without...

    Posted by keiko | 15 September 2005 #
  • I think your second sentence says it all. Anyone that loves cooking, whether they be beginners or professional chefs, love KitchenAid mixers. Congratulations on getting one. The cinnamon rolls you made look divine.

    Posted by William | 20 May 2007 #
  • Nice, very interesting post.

    Posted by Gardener | 27 April 2011 #

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