Two Years Old...

8 February 2007

I can’t quite believe that it’s been two years since I put my first post up – I’ve met so many wonderful people through this blog, and I couldn’t have kept going without everyone’s support.

Thank you so much.

As an extra thank you, I’ve rustled up some wallpapers of some pictures from the archives – like last year, four sizes are available and I hope you can find one you like :)

Ambroisie – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Caramelised Cocoa Nib White Chocolate Bark- read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Kumquat Bonanza – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Gooseberry and Elderflower Ice-cream – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Roasted Apricots with Camomile – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Roast Plums with Honey and Yoghurt Ice-cream – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Tart Fine of Peach, Black Pepper Ice-cream – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Wafu Beignets – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Summer Berry Charlotte – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Fig and Chilli Tagliatelli – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Playing with Seville Oranges – coming soon!
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

A Trip to the Farmers’ Market in California – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Petrersham Nurseries – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

Season’s Greetings – read the post
[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

[800×600] [1024×768] [1440×900] [1680×1050]

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  • They are all so very lovely.. I had your sweetie kitty on my screen for AGES .. think I will need to update to the newer image.

    Happy B-day!

    Posted by nika | 8 February 2007 #
  • Congrats! Your eye-candy brightens my day every time I come by.

    Posted by s'kat | 8 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations! I for one have found your work inspirational and it has made me want to clean up my act. Thank you.

    Posted by Judith in Umbria | 8 February 2007 #
  • happy blog-birthday!

    i’m almost surprised it’s only been two years with all the wonderful things you’ve been posting. bonne fete and i’m glad that you picked some of the photos you did for backgrounds… they’re definitely among my favourites.

    keep up the deliciousness ;)

    Posted by vanessa | 8 February 2007 #
  • Your photographs are so wonderful, incredible!
    And thank you so much for your inspiration!

    Posted by Dolce | 8 February 2007 #
  • Happy Second Blog Anniversary to you Keiko. What a collection of beautiful creations! To many more years to come! Hoping to meet you one of these days as well ;-) Will I have to come to London? (twist my arm!)

    Posted by bea at La tartine gourmande | 8 February 2007 #
  • As always, your pictures are gorgeous and perfectly capture the beautiful dishes. Thank you for the wallpapers in different sizes and Happy Two Year Anniversary!

    Posted by Max | 8 February 2007 #
  • really beautiful happy birthday for your wonderful blog !Love the cat ….

    Posted by mercotte | 8 February 2007 #
  • Wonderfull pictures and wonderfull post too… congratulation for your 2 years ;-) happy birthday !!! blogging is such a great adventure.

    I started my first blog 3 years ago and it made me discover so much things and som much people.

    I like dit so much i started a new one yesterday ;-)

    Posted by Laurent | 8 February 2007 #
  • you did a very wonderful job by presenting us all of your stunning creation! keep up the good work, Keiko!

    Posted by eliza | 8 February 2007 #
  • congratulations.
    I am honoured to be one of the friends (I can’t admit to being a wonderful person) you made an allusion to.
    At least I hope I am one of those ;)

    onwards and upwards, keiko

    sam x

    Posted by sam | 8 February 2007 #
  • You SERIOUSLY need to publish your photos into a coffee table type book. I’d buy dozens and send ‘em as Christmas gifts. You inspire me to put more effort into my creations and my photography!

    Posted by Kevin | 8 February 2007 #
  • Happy Blog Birthday! This is such a beautiful blog! The wallpapers are wonderful! Thank you for all the pretty!

    Posted by Kitarra | 8 February 2007 #
  • Thanks for the beautiful desk top pictures..which are now adorning the Mac

    Loving it as always

    Tim x

    Posted by Tim from Lime food design | 8 February 2007 #
  • Thanks so much.
    I always leave your site with a warm grin on my face.
    That’s big.
    Happy Anniversary…

    Posted by Nicola | 8 February 2007 #
  • happy 2nd birthday! your photos are always lovely, I’m so glad you made new wallpaper. :)
    cheers and here’s to many more beautiful and tasty years

    Posted by connie | 8 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations! Your pictures are always so excelent. So inspiring.

    Posted by Eric from Eager Eater | 9 February 2007 #
  • Yay Keiko! Happy blog birthday! I loved meeting you last year at Zuni in SF. I wish you all the best in this next year of writing about and photographing your delicious cooking. Cheers!

    Posted by Brett | 9 February 2007 #
  • What gorgeous photos! I’ve just found you, and I’m so glad. Happy 2nd anniversary!

    Posted by Maggie | 9 February 2007 #
  • Its amazing that I haven’t stumbled across your beautiful site before I did (a month or so ago) I picking up the link from Olive magazine in the UK. It embodies my 2 passions food and photography. Thank you and happy birthday!!

    Posted by Phillip | 9 February 2007 #
  • Happy birthday Nordljus!!!! Keiko – Thanks for the beautiful wallpapers. And thanks for the constant inspiration through your amazing photography…

    Posted by Cenk | 9 February 2007 #
  • Wow Keiko, two years! I discovered your blog a while ago and have been devouring your archives and new posts ever since. Your delectable food and stunning photographs are such an inspiration – if only my computer could generate tastes and smells as well… Cheers, congratulations and happy birthday!

    Posted by Inne | 9 February 2007 #
  • Happy Blogbithday!
    And thank you for these amazing wallpapers!

    Posted by loukoum°°° | 9 February 2007 #
  • Happy Blog Birthday Keiko! :)
    Love your photos as always and thanks for sharing them. Cheers to many more great photos and posts.

    Posted by ilingc | 9 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations from my side.
    First for your excellent blog.
    Second for your second anniversary.

    Posted by Brigitte | 9 February 2007 #
  • I hate myself when I see your photos :) Happy happy birthdaayy!!

    Posted by Zeynep Seda | 9 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations! Here’s hoping for many more years of lovely food and photos from you. :-)

    Posted by Christina | 9 February 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko,
    Congratulations ! Was waiting for this birthday post of yours.My fav is Kumquat Bonanza.Saw these little babies in the local Hk market and kept wondering what they’re called as i’d never seen them in India before.Feull of flavours there little devils.Here’s what i did with them…

    Posted by Kate | 9 February 2007 #
  • happy 2 for your wonderful blog, keiko :-) you’ve been brighten up our taste-buds and day with those yummy images…

    Posted by Maya | 9 February 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko! Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful and talented gift with us! Here’s to many more blog birthdays!

    Posted by gilly | 9 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations for keeping it together. Your photos are a welcome respite from a hectic world.

    Posted by mooncrazy | 9 February 2007 #
  • I love your photos! Happy Blog Birthday! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the coming year!

    Posted by Kat | 9 February 2007 #
  • Happy Birthday, Nordljus. Thanks for all the great entries and photos you’ve given us so far, Keiko. Hope there will be many more to come.

    Posted by Lisa Y | 10 February 2007 #
  • congratulations!

    wonderful pictures.

    Posted by Yael, Israel | 10 February 2007 #
  • Your photographs make me think I should just give up blogging now! Congratulations on your 2nd year!

    Posted by Scott at Real Epicurean | 11 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations, Keiko. You deserve tonnes of credit for producing such a beautiful site. Best wishes for the coming year.

    Posted by rob | 11 February 2007 #
  • Happy birthday to your Nordljus Keiko ! I wish you a lot of great creations, some wonderful pictures and few lovely meeting. I have to tell you that I really love your cat’s pictures and it’s not for the happiness of mine, she’s not as cool as yours !!!

    Posted by Elodie at Mon Petit Biscuit cuit | 11 February 2007 #
  • Happy blog birthday & thanks for what you are & for what you do… Le monde est encore plus beau à travers tes yeux ;-) Merci keiko

    Posted by Camille | 11 February 2007 #
  • congratulations to you and this huge special place!!!
    keep inspire people!

    Posted by Ric | 11 February 2007 #
  • Keiko, there are lots of beautiful food blogs out there, but YOURS is the most, the best, the sublimest. Congratulations on your superb eye and talent and on two glorious blogging years!

    Posted by Laura | 11 February 2007 #
  • Congrats on 2 years Keiko. We started blogging around the same time and I hope we get the chance to meet some day. I know I’m influenced by your work when I find myself thinking “how would Keiko photograph that” as I go to take a shot.

    Posted by Barbara | 12 February 2007 #
  • Happy blog birthday ! Congratulations, your pictures are so wonderfull !

    Posted by guylaine | 12 February 2007 #
  • dearest keiko, happy blog birthday and thank you so much for making every visit to nordljus always such an exquisite, enriching and inspirational one! – you are a one and only :)

    Posted by Joycelyn | 12 February 2007 #
  • So nice, so nice and, oh, so nice !

    Posted by g. | 12 February 2007 #
  • Happy blog birthday! The pictures are fantastic! Thank you so much for generously sharing them with us :)

    Posted by joey | 12 February 2007 #
  • That’s so wonderful Keiko, thank you for the beautiful pictures and Congratulations on your second anniversary! Here’s to many more wonderful years ahead.

    Posted by mandira | 12 February 2007 #
  • OMG, these are simply lovely! Thank you so much for posting, I remain your loyal fan!!!

    Posted by yvonne tham | 12 February 2007 #
  • beautiful pictures! thanks for all your writings- very inspiring!

    Posted by erin | 12 February 2007 #
  • My sweet friend!!!
    happy birthday…. I’m very happy for you second anniversary and tatina too!! -
    Gorgeous picture!!! ;-D
    kisses 4 you and maya

    Posted by Gourmet | 12 February 2007 #
  • Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your kind notes!

    Nika – hope you like the new one…

    Bea – I’ll be patiently waiting for your visit :) (or maybe you can twist my arm ;))

    Sam – you’re truly wonderful :)

    Erodie – where can I see your sweet kitty?

    Barbara – I’m honoured :)

    Posted by keiko | 12 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations and thank you for always sharing your inspiring work!

    Posted by jenjen | 12 February 2007 #
  • Happy blogbirthday Keiko!!
    And thank you soooo much for the delicious present (I had last year’s pears on my desktop for quite some time and I just seem never to get bored about your pictures!:-) – so today’s the day I change desktops :-))

    Posted by Sigrid | 13 February 2007 #
  • thank you so much for all yours pictures and for 2 years of happiness when i come to visit you

    Posted by veronica | 13 February 2007 #
  • Wonderful to have you out there inspiring us all.
    THANK YOU Keiko!

    Posted by Paris Breakfasts | 13 February 2007 #
  • Happy blog birthday! Two years is quite an accomplishment. I’ve been blogging for less than a year on my food blog, and on the days when I wonder why I keep doing it, I read blogs like yours, and stare at the beautiful photos — and then I keep going! Thanks for inspiring us.

    Posted by Lydia | 13 February 2007 #
  • Keiko,
    Congratulations and thank you for two years of such beautiful and inspiring photography! I will look forward to more of your gorgeous work!

    Posted by Anita | 14 February 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko,
    Happy Blog Birthday! Your site is always such an inspiration to me. One breathtaking photo after another. I’m so glad we got to meet in San Francisco, ne?

    Posted by Elise | 14 February 2007 #
  • Happy Blogging Birthday!!!

    Keep those wonderful recipes and pictures coming!

    Posted by Pamela | 14 February 2007 #
  • Happy blog birthday keiko. I look forward to more years of enjoying your pictures and blog!

    Posted by veron | 15 February 2007 #
  • Happy, happy blogday to you Keiko! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to get to know you, both on and off your blog, and you constantly inspire me with your beautiful sweet creations. I have said before but it seems as good a time as any to say it again: your photos are superb and (apart from being technically excellent) all seem to have a serene quality that is so appealing. And of course, my favourite picture is your elegant kitty!

    All the best for many more years of Nordljus!

    Posted by Jeanne | 15 February 2007 #
  • Your photos make me want to weep with how far I still have to go as a budding photographer. You are truly inspiring at the amazing food you make and how beautifully you capture it all. P.S.- I started my blog exactly a year after you!

    Posted by Lee | 15 February 2007 #
  • Congratulation for your blog anniversary. Hope there will be many many more. And thank you for those gorgeous photos. Nice one of your cat, also. I have added some of my Mood (boy) especially for you.

    Posted by bonheursdesophie | 15 February 2007 #
  • Happy Belated 2nd Blog Birthday, Keiko.(Better late than never? :P) Keep up the great work!

    Posted by Ginger M | 15 February 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko
    I can’t believe it’s already been two years since you stardted nordljus.
    Your blog is my greatest inspiration.
    Love – fanny

    Posted by fanny | 15 February 2007 #
  • Keiko,

    I anted to congratulate you on two beautiful blog years. You are a constant source of inspiration. All the best in the years to come!

    Posted by Ivonne | 17 February 2007 #
  • these pictures are so sharp and beautiful! keep it up… i love this site.

    Posted by erin | 20 February 2007 #
  • Beautiful pictures!

    Posted by krista | 20 February 2007 #
  • magnifico blog!!

    Posted by lory | 20 February 2007 #
  • Your pictures are gorgeous!

    Posted by Esther | 21 February 2007 #
  • Hello,

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your site.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautifully crafted work with us all.


    Posted by Susie | 21 February 2007 #
  • Beautiful, just plain beautiful, Keiko! Happy BlogBirthday!

    Posted by Zarah Maria | 21 February 2007 #
  • Wow, my first visit to your site. The photography is amazing! What a feast for the eye.
    I have to ask you why you named your blog Nordljus, and what it means. When I first saw it, I thought it had a Swedish author as it means “north light” in Swedish. Just curiose…

    Posted by victoria | 23 February 2007 #
  • I wish you blog happy birthday … All dishes are so gorgeous and beautiful …
    I love your blog

    Posted by Fabienne | 23 February 2007 #
  • Your images are so life-affirming. Thank you for letting us see the world the way that you do.

    Posted by Christina | 23 February 2007 #
  • Congratulations Keiko. You are a fantastic blogger and photographer, and I hope we get to read more for many years to come. Thank you so much for offering the wallpaper as well. I now have gooseberry and elderflower to look at every day :)

    Posted by Kelli | 11 March 2007 #
  • wow, you make food look so good

    Posted by rbong | 26 July 2007 #
  • Oh My God. Antoher heaven found! i’m so happy to have bumped into this beautiful blog. awesome!! i’m rotating your photos on my desktop. every passerby is stunned.

    happy 2.5 annivesary! hope to have many more oishii years to go. cheers!

    Posted by applecider | 27 July 2007 #
  • This is the first time that I have been to your blog. What a wonderful find! All the wallpapers and photos are so nice that I don’t know which one I should use as my current wallpaper. Happy 2.8 anniversary! I am going to explore more of your blog now. Very glad to have seen your blog finally.

    Posted by Singing Horse | 15 November 2007 #
  • Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your kind notes!

    Victoria – it is indeed northern lights in Swedish, not that I speak any Swedish but I love Scandinavian culture and the beautiful scenery…

    Posted by keiko | 22 January 2008 #
  • Congratulations on 2 years of blogging. Shashin wa totemo kawaii desu ne!

    Posted by Liz Koppert | 1 November 2008 #

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