Seville Orange Sorbet

13 January 2006

A couple of days ago, when I found these seasonal treats for the first time this year, I just couldn’t help getting loads of them. In the UK, we can only get these bitter, ultra tangy oranges from Seville in January and February. I actually posted about these oranges last year, but wanted to post a recipe for this delicious sorbet. I was recently reading through these favourite books again and was inspired to add orange-blossom water to the sorbet instead of liqueur. As you may know, orange-blossom water has a very strong distinctive flavour, which won’t be to everyone’s taste – so you can use less or liqueur instead. If you can’t get these oranges, you can always substitute them for normal oranges and limes or lemons (about 3:1) and it still tastes good – but it won’t be quite the same as Seville oranges. I’ve also used them to make a yummy tart and ice-cream, so will try to post these some time.

serves 4

170g caster sugar
250ml water
2 small sticks cinnamon
Finely grated zest of 1 Seville orange
250ml Seville orange juice (about 7-8 oranges)
1-2 tbsp orange-blossom water (or Grand Marnier/Cointreau)

Place the sugar, cinnamon, zest and water in a saucepan over a moderate heat, bring to the boil and simmer for about 10-15 minutes. Cool the pan in a bowl of iced water, stirring in the orange-blossom water and continuing to stir as it thickens. Before it cools completely, add the orange juice; then when cold, strain the liquid and churn in an ice-cream machine until you reach the desired consistency. If you don’t have a machine, put the mixture into the freezer, beat with a fork every half an hour until smooth textured.

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  • Hello, Keiko

    I want to try this sorbet right now!

    The glasses are beautiful, it’s nice idea to serve this sorbet in them.

    Many kinds of oranges are in season in Japan.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next photographs of tart ang ice cream.

    Posted by seiko | 13 January 2006 #
  • Mmmm, Keiko, this sounds very summery and sweet. Anything lemony, orangy is a great choice for me. Your pictures enhance tremendously the pale colour of such sorbet. This is lovely!

    Posted by Béa at La Tartine Gourmande | 13 January 2006 #
  • That sorbet looks delicious! I am in love with my new ice cream maker at the moment... so I may have to try it :)

    I love the glasses too, they are SO EXE here, 6 is about $100 for good ones...

    Posted by Clare Eats | 13 January 2006 #
  • pretty! perfect...for my weather. isn’t still a bit chilly where you are? don’t freeze yourself from the inside out!

    Posted by santos. | 13 January 2006 #
  • Beautiful!!

    Posted by Kathryn | 13 January 2006 #
  • Oh my...this looks good.

    Posted by jasmine | 13 January 2006 #
  • Lovely recipe! And the glasses! (I wanted them so much, but missed the sale)

    Posted by Dreska | 13 January 2006 #
  • This is just beautiful and I have to try this sherbet. I like the idea of the orange-blossom water. This must be delicious and the picture is amazing!

    Posted by flo | 13 January 2006 #
  • Hi Keiko, i was actually thniking of making some seville orange sorbet and was looking for the perfect recipe. Here it is.



    Posted by fanny from FOOD BEAM | 13 January 2006 #
  • This sounds really refreshing!! And the picture is wonderful!

    Posted by Kat | 13 January 2006 #
  • Hi Keiko - a lovely picture again! I have some blue Moroccan tea glasses and had never thought of using them for serving ice-cream - what a beautiful idea!

    The February issue of Good Food had a feature on Seville oranges as well and mentioned the same thing that the Spanish themselves hardly use these and they all get imported to the UK. Once I have more space in my freezer, I’ll give your sorbet recipe a try (as I don’t possess an ice-cream machine, I must rely on my muscle power and freezer).

    Posted by Pille | 13 January 2006 #
  • HI KEIKO I love sherbet even its freezing outside.

    My biggest regret when I left France last Oct was I didnt bring orange blossom water. I found one here but sooo yuck!

    Last night I was looking at a mocha sherbet. Was thinking of taking the ice cream maker out of the storage.

    Is the 3rd glass for me?

    And oh there are many bitter oranges around the city last week the other half actually said SHAME ON THESE BITTER ORANGES... THESE COULD MAKE GREAT MARMALADES!

    Posted by sha | 13 January 2006 #
  • Smashing photograph Keiko - again!


    Posted by Carolg | 13 January 2006 #
  • Beautiful sorbet, Keiko.

    Posted by Nic | 13 January 2006 #
  • So envious - I don’t think Seville oranges every make it to NYC foodshops. This looks lovely, as usual.

    Posted by Luisa | 13 January 2006 #
  • beautiful glasses :) lovely!

    Posted by fiordizucca | 13 January 2006 #
  • Hi. It looks delicious! I might get some Seville oranges tomorrow and try your recipe :)

    Posted by poth | 13 January 2006 #
  • as always, it looks smashing good keiko.

    for myself i just gor back from japan and there is absolutely nothing in the fridge and in the cupboards, so all im eating is yoghurt in the mornings and macdonalds or bruger king for lunch.

    happy new year by the way!

    Posted by | 14 January 2006 #
  • the above was posted by BLIMP. i forgot that, sry.

    Posted by blimp | 14 January 2006 #
  • magnificent photo, once again, Keiko.

    Posted by bonheursdesophie | 14 January 2006 #
  • wow, sorbet (lemon especially) is one of my all time favorite treats! unfortunately, i’ve not found seville oranges in the US. so i’ll have to try it with the orange/lemon mix.

    Posted by radish | 15 January 2006 #
  • hi keiko, how very beautiful and refreshing this must be! and perfect choice of gorgeous moroccan tea glasses too...seville oranges, sadly, never make their way to this part of the world, so orange plus lemon/lime it will have to be...

    Posted by Joycelyn | 16 January 2006 #
  • Yes, I can’t help but notice those lovely glasses too! You’ve certainly a great collection of beautiful things....

    Posted by steffles | 16 January 2006 #
  • Hello Keiko-san

    Did you close the Japanse Version?

    It must be tough to have two pages.

    And I dicided to come this page in the early morning next time..

    now. Im on the diet!!

    Posted by sawack | 16 January 2006 #
  • Sorbet is always a good thing for me since I’m trying to shed some fats :P.Don’t think I could get Seville here, its mostly navels or Valencia here. but for upcoming chinese new year, we are now flooded with mandarins instead from pakistan, china, taiwan, thailand etc etc maybe mandarin sorbet will do?

    good looking glass & spoon you got there, did you got those in UK? thanks!

    Posted by slurp! | 16 January 2006 #
  • Keiko!!

    I’ve got this little glasses in a little shop ( marocchino) here in Turin!!

    Great idea...Instead to serve tea...Icecream!!



    Posted by Gourmet | 19 January 2006 #
  • Hi Keiko,

    You have the most amazing collection of dishes, plates, etc. They add so much to your already gorgeous food!

    P.S. Check out my new URL:)

    Posted by Anita | 20 January 2006 #
  • Hi there, thank you so much for all your kind notes!

    Seiko-san - we have ones that are similar to Japanese oranges here called Satsumas!

    Clare - these glasses were actually cheap - I think I bought them for about £3 each?

    Santos - yes, it’s been cold and miserable here, but I always need ice-cream :)

    Dreska - I think I bought them at Graham & Green.

    Flo - I hope you like it!

    Pille - I must check the issue, thanks for letting me know. Food & Travel had the same feature too - interesting history!

    Sha - yes, I love sorbet even though it’s freezing outside too :) Mocha sorbet sounds intriguing, let me know when you make it. I know they are mainly used to make marmalade, but unfortunately I’m not a marmalade person at all...

    Luisa - I think Josh (Food Section) was posting about the oranges last year, but I could be wrong...

    Poth - I hope you enjoy it!

    Blimp - you already know that I’m jealous about your trip to Japan :) I know you are a great cook, so try to make something simple and delicious!

    Radish, Joycelyn - I’m sure you’ll enjoy orange/lemon/lime flavour too!

    さわさん - 放棄しちゃったように見えますが、実はまだ続けるつもりでいるのです(汗)がんばって近いうちに更新します!

    Slurp - yes, it will do!

    Sandra - you must have a beautiful collection of glasses, I look forward to seeing them some time!

    Anita - you’ve finally got your own site! I’m coming over right now :)

    Posted by keiko | 20 January 2006 #
  • This picture already decides on what the next task will be.I will drive down to Sainsbury’s and get some oranges.In the absence of an ice cream machine I will do the scrapping thing every half hour.

    Posted by valentina | 22 January 2006 #
  • Hi Valentina - I hope you enjoy the sorbet, I think you’ll have a more granita-like texture without machine, but I think that’s nice too.

    Posted by keiko | 2 February 2006 #
  • The recipe for seville orange sorbet is quite good. I made two batches, one with grand marnier which was nice and the other one using 1/2 tsp of orange blossom flower and it was already overpowering the seville orange flavor, so, wow, 2 tblsp?? It seems to me like that would just give you an orange blossom flower sorbet.

    Posted by eva | 7 February 2009 #
  • Hi Eva – I believe it depends on how strong the water is, it can vary. The one I’ve been using is quite subtle and it doesn’t overpower other flavours. Just adjust to your taste as you add :)

    Posted by keiko | 27 April 2009 #
  • I just found sour oranges at my local market and was so happy to find your recipe. Instead of orange flower water or orange liquor, I used some ginger liquor I had on hand. It is absolutely delicious! The only way i can describe it is it tastes like sunshine! Thank you so much!

    Posted by Sharon | 22 March 2010 #

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