Istanbul Snaps

1 November 2007

My suitcase hasn’t even been put back in the loft, and here I am packing it again… Despite the fact that I absolutely hate flying, my love for travelling seems to outweigh this.

I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers in LA and NYC who took time to meet me as well as look after me – I had such a lovely time with you all and can’t wait to go back again.

I had a wonderful time in Istanbul also – I was there to work on an exciting project called Pukka Living – it’s a new website about modern living in Istanbul (they are fully launching soon so watch the site for updates!). I was lucky to meet some exceptionally talented artists through this project – they truly reflect how exciting this magic city is and will be. As well as working on this project, I really loved the people in Istanbul – they are so warm and hospitable, everyone has such a wonderful smile which I’ll never forget :)

And once again, meeting up with some lovely food bloggers was a privilege for me – thank you everyone!

I’m off to Japan tomorrow – I didn’t even have my first camera last time I was there, so I’m looking forward to taking some pictures in my home country. Thank you so much for all your kind notes and I’m sorry I’m extremely slow getting back to you – I’ll try to write back when I return to the UK, see you in a few weeks and hope you are enjoying the lovely autumn season.


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  • Great photos as usual…I always look forward to your posts, so many images to daydream about!

    Posted by Eleanor van Overdijk | 1 November 2007 #
  • what a great adventure! Enjoy your trip home!

    Posted by Kat | 1 November 2007 #
  • wow keiko! your photos are AMAZING, I really think thay you should follow your dream to become a (well known) photographer! Nice to know that you’re having a nice trip in LA, NYC and Istanbul – you make me wanna take a trip there now!!!

    Posted by Cecilia | 1 November 2007 #
  • Hajimemashite

    My name is Yukko. I am one of your fans.
    I am greatly touched by your photos.

    Posted by yukko | 1 November 2007 #
  • I just discovered your beautiful site! And I feel I just got off the plane from Istanbul just by viewing your pictures. Each one of them has a story to tell. Thanks for posting and I will become a regular visitor of your blog.

    Posted by QlinArt | 1 November 2007 #
  • Wow! These are such beautiful pictures! How is your trip going so far!

    Posted by Philip Chi | 1 November 2007 #
  • Oh Keiko! Lovely photos… it so makes me want to go to Istanbul. So glad you got to post them before you run off again!

    It was great seeing you, even if it was just a short time, in NYC!

    Have fun in Japan!

    Posted by L | 1 November 2007 #
  • What beautiful looking fruits and vegetables (and cats!). Looks like you had an amazing experience. I’m so happy for you. Your talent is really taking you to some fabulous places.

    Posted by Brett | 1 November 2007 #
  • Keiko, it was great to welcome you here in Istanbul. You’ve captured the essence of our city so well. (By the way, I was in Cihangir the other day and saw the old guy with the straw hat giving directions again!:)

    Posted by Ilgin | 1 November 2007 #
  • I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos.

    Posted by chrisb | 1 November 2007 #
  • Dear Keiko – It was such a pleasure to meet you in person. You captured my hometown beautifully. Amazing photos as always.

    Posted by Cenk | 1 November 2007 #
  • Welcome back! Great to hear that you had such a wonderful time.

    It’s always great meeting fellow bloggers, isn’t it?

    Your photos are always so beautiful and a reflection of your personality. Each time I look at your photos, they inspire me to be a better photographer.Thank you! :)


    Posted by Linda | 1 November 2007 #
  • Keiko, incredible photos. This may be your best set yet. Istanbul suits you and the camera!

    Where did you find information on staying/eating/traveling through Istanbul? I would love to take a trip there but unsure where to get started. Any tips?

    Posted by Annie | 1 November 2007 #
  • Your posts and photos are always inspirational. Thank you!

    Posted by tut-tut | 1 November 2007 #
  • Lovely set of pictures Keiko. Makes me want to return to visit Istanbul. But I cannot wait to see your pics of Japan, because it is one of our next destinations!

    Posted by bea | 1 November 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko, thank-you for the wonderful pictures and inspiration! I am envious of the places your talent takes you. Your passion for life shines through each recipe and photo! Enjoy your time in Japan.

    Posted by Videodrome | 1 November 2007 #
  • so many colours and textures everywhere! gorgeous!

    looking forward to your japan photos! :)

    Posted by Maninas: Food Matters | 1 November 2007 #
  • Wonderful tribute to a wonderful city. I’m there at the end of the month – any recommendations?

    Posted by Jenna | 1 November 2007 #
  • Hi keiko..really impressed with your photos. Nice storyteller.

    Posted by asmalina | 2 November 2007 #
  • wow, awesome pictures! Love how vibrant the city looks…

    Posted by Nabeela | 2 November 2007 #
  • Those are beautiful pictures. Istanbul seems like such a wonderful city— I really have to visit soon!

    Posted by Anna | 3 November 2007 #
  • Keiko these pictures are exquisite. U’ve waved your magic wand again. Hope u have a gr8 time in Japan.

    Posted by Kate | 3 November 2007 #
  • My favourite bits of Istanbul were the Cistern (top photo, second column), which is so dark and dramatic, and the interior of the Blue Mosque (photography verboten but often undertaken), which is so light and dramatic. These pictures are fabulous, Keiko!

    I brought home glass tulip tea glasses and patterned saucers, like the cat photo. Ubiquitous throughout Turkey (the tea cups and the cats), they were hard to ask for and find without speaking Turkish, as they were considered cafe-ware, not tourist-ware.

    Posted by wheatlessbay | 3 November 2007 #
  • Holy cow…Those pictures are amazing!

    Where is my passport? I want to got to Istanbul!

    Posted by Traca | 4 November 2007 #
  • hi keiko, wow wow and wow. julien was in istanbul recently and i loved the pictures that he showed me but this is another level of turkish seduction altogether!

    have a wonderful trip home to japan, and will catch up with you soon :D

    Posted by Lil | 4 November 2007 #
  • Thank you for these wonderful pictures of Istambul!

    Posted by Flo Bretzel | 4 November 2007 #
  • dearest keiko,
    what dreamy photographs – makes me want to hop onto a plane headed for istanbul asap! hope you have a wonderful trip back home and really look forward to seeing what i know will be absolutely stunning photos.

    take care

    Posted by Joycelyn | 5 November 2007 #
  • Beautiful photographs. Thank you.

    Posted by ArbroathSmokiesDirect | 5 November 2007 #
  • Dear Keiko, thank you very much for your gorgeous photos of my lovely hometown Istanbul. You showed the real face of Istanbul. Thanks again and again..

    Posted by fulya | 5 November 2007 #
  • I love the photos of Turkey-Istanbul is so beautiful-
    I enjoy reading your blog regularly.
    Happy Holidays

    Posted by melanieneichin | 5 November 2007 #
  • It’s lovely pictures!
    I haven’t been to Istanbul though I live in Turkish/Greek area in London. It’s not like your photos at all (well you know how North London is like). Wish you will have great time in Japan.

    Posted by Sudachi | 6 November 2007 #
  • I came across your blog couple months ago, and have been hooked to it since then! Lovely pictures of great food and places! Thanks a lot for sharing and hope you’ll enjoy your time in Japan!

    Posted by bon | 6 November 2007 #
  • Lovely to hear from you again. Hope you’re having good time in Japan.

    Posted by Ilgin | 6 November 2007 #
  • Wonderfull pictures. Very beautifull. I liked reading your post. It’s been so long i’ve posted a note on your website. I’m back and enjoying the posts. You know… i started taking cooking lessons.I’m learning the basics. Perhaps i will ever be as good as you are.
    Greetings Shanna

    Posted by Shanna | 6 November 2007 #
  • keiko, i always enjoy laying my eyes on your photos. excellent.

    Posted by eatdrinknbmerry | 6 November 2007 #
  • Dear Keiko, photos as yummy as ever! :)
    it seems the weather was great when you were last in Istanbul. now it’s time to enjoy your home country – Japan! look forward to your visit to Tokyo as well as your next blog (photos) update of Japan!
    happy holiday :)

    Posted by shereen | 7 November 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko , this would be me again …but this time i’m nominating you for a meme. i knw u dont have the time but u still need to know what an inspiration u are to me.

    Posted by Kate | 8 November 2007 #
  • I went to Istanbul in August. This makes me miss it more than anything, and want to return in attempt to take photos that are even mildly as beautiful as yours!

    Posted by Linda | 8 November 2007 #
  • Your photos are to be inspired. You look at the world so beautifully..

    Posted by adonna | 9 November 2007 #
  • I have been an admirer of your website for some time, continually impressed by your exceptional eye. It’s no wonder that you barely have a minute at home, if I was in a position to I’d hire you in a heartbeat!
    my best to you

    Posted by megan | 10 November 2007 #
  • Very nice pictures!!

    Posted by mycookinghut | 11 November 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko,
    I heard about your Istanbul trip from Ipek, who’s a great friend. She told that you had a wonderful time at the farmers’ market together (of course with Dilara, as a little crazy fairy, rather than a guide). I wish I could meet you, although I wasn’t in Istanbul at that time. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. Come back again!

    Posted by Tijen | 13 November 2007 #
  • Dear Keiko

    Your pictures are a lovely appetizer to our trip to Istanbul this Christmas. Thank you so much!

    Posted by S | 14 November 2007 #
  • Great photos! I lived in Istanbul a couple of years back and it’s a great place. They have great produce and the regional cuisine is an ongoing inspiration.

    Posted by Jesper | 15 November 2007 #
  • Hello,

    I love your blog and follow it as much as possible. I especially love your pictures. As a person just started blogging and taking pictures, I wonder how you patch up your pictures into smaller squares like that? Is there a specific photoshop tool or technique you are using? Thank you very much. Best et bon voyage!

    Posted by saripapatya | 15 November 2007 #
  • welcome back to japan!
    i’m droppin’ by to show some loveeee
    i really love your photos.
    you are the BEST.

    Posted by ayayan | 16 November 2007 #
  • Hi there this is the first time I have ever visited your blog and wow it is fantastic. Your Istanbul pictures are amazing. :)

    Posted by jeenas | 16 November 2007 #
  • Hey Miss Keiko – such a world traveler! These are such a lovely snapshots of such a different place!

    I think we need a running calendar of all your doings cuz my head spins with each post trying to keep it all straight :-).

    If you are ever going to touch down in Boston let me know, would be great to finally meet you.

    Safe Travels!


    Posted by nika | 17 November 2007 #
  • Hello Mrs Keiko!!
    I have no words to tell how much i love your job, its just amazing!!!
    Me and my wife, are both chefs.
    I’ve been working for four years as a chef and one year as a head chef on the CIBO! restaurant in Didcot.
    Anyway, we just want to ask if you have your own restautant that we could try yours delicius dishes, or if you give classes, or also if you could tell us how did you developed yours skills to be so especial???
    We hope that we are not disturbing you with all this questions!

    PS:Sorry for my bad english.

    CIAO!! Posted by Fernando and Jamille | 20 November 2007 #
  • Lovely photos – total eye candy!

    Posted by Skrockodile (Sabra) | 21 November 2007 #
  • such beautiful beautiful photos!

    and i am off to istanbul in a month’s time, so this is making me really excited! thank you for perking me up mid-afternoon…

    love the blog btw, always such stunning food and photos

    Posted by lydia | 21 November 2007 #
  • Hei Keiko
    Istanbul is indeed the most beautiful city in the world. I love it. I was there twice and could not have enough of the city.
    Great food too!
    Your photos are amazing!

    Posted by sari | 23 November 2007 #
  • Keiko san, It’s been quite a while since I visited your site last time. The pictures are gorgeous as usual and I am always impressed with your talent. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Japan!

    Posted by Keiko from Wiltshire | 24 November 2007 #
  • Dear Keiko, it has been so long since we last spoke.miss you. incidentally i am planning on going to Istanbul towards the end of Dec. can’t wait.looking at your pictures is so wonderful. let’s meet up once you are trip.lots of love.

    Posted by valentina | 25 November 2007 #
  • awesome! i dream of going to turkey too! BTW i love your photos and i hope these ones become desktops too! my current desktop is from you!

    Posted by soo | 26 November 2007 #
  • Your photos are an insprition for me.

    Posted by ma-m | 27 November 2007 #
  • de très belles photos…Istanbul est une ville spécial!

    Posted by lory | 30 November 2007 #
  • Oh my goodness. I just came across your site, and you are such a marvelous photographer! Those little pieces of confiserie are like little jewels!

    Posted by Cakespy | 1 December 2007 #
  • Keiko-san,
    Hajimemashite! I am a huge fan and just wanted to say that I have been mesmerized by your amazing talent. Your photographs are breathtaking and your culinary skills are out of the world!

    Posted by admirer la lune | 3 December 2007 #
  • dear Keiko,
    i’ve been watching you for some time. these photos are lovely. and to think i am so close to turkey (i live in romania) and yet never thought of turkey as a place to visit.
    shame on me. as soon as spring comes, i’m flying straight to istanbul!
    keep up the passion for photos – nothing brightens the day more than beauty and you definitely have an eye for it

    Posted by dana | 4 December 2007 #
  • I’ve favorited your blog for a few monthse now. You are such an inspiration! I love your photos and your creativity in food, layout, and just overall! Next time you come to New York, lets meet!

    Posted by Jennie | 7 December 2007 #
  • Absolutely beautiful photographs… (sigh) if only I was as good as you – I’ve recently invested in a new digital camera – hoping it’ll magically beautify my shots, but hey-no-sister, ofcourse it is down to skill at the end of the day!

    Posted by tamami | 9 December 2007 #
  • I called Istanbul and Turkey home for a very memorable portion of my life. It graps the heart very hard and lets go uneasily. I have thousands and thousands of photos of the city yet, none as eloquent as the few you’ve posted.

    I notice that you’ve photographed the doorway to Inci Pastanesi and wondered if you liked the profiterol (if you tried it), because I’ve given it several tries, but cannot claim to love it or even like it.

    Cheers! Y

    Posted by y | 10 December 2007 #
  • Really nice and clean shot! Great job!

    Posted by Fotografo food | 12 December 2007 #
  • Çok güzel fotoğraflamışsın,tebrik ediyorum.İstanbul’u ziyaret etmenden ve aynı havayı hissetmiş olmaktan da mutluluk duydum.Yine bekleriz,görüşmek üzere,selamlar….

    Posted by Serinmavi | 13 December 2007 #
  • Very talented photographer. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Posted by Jonathan | 14 December 2007 #
  • Hi Keiko!
    I do not think I have to this day rncountered a photographer who I admier more. Your pictures, of all kinds are the result of a keen eye, a mature human, and a well rounded inteligents. I am sorry I stumbled on your blog so late, still now I know what my model is.
    Did you ever come across the term Miksang?

    Posted by Gil Kolan | 14 December 2007 #
  • I love your website. Your photos are amazing and your creations are beautiful. Can’t wait to see and hear about your trip to Japan. :)

    Posted by Nur Suraya | 14 December 2007 #
  • Merhaba;
    Fotoğraflarını çok etkileyici buldum. Bizim İstanbul’da olup kaçırdıklarımızı şahane görüntülemişsin. Özellikle camii minaresi fotoğrafını tıpkı yapı kadar incelikli buldum.


    Posted by Dilek | 19 December 2007 #
  • Oh my god Keiko! And you say I travel a lot! the pictures are gorgeous as usual! Thanks for the email by the way. I will reply soon!

    Posted by Celine | 26 December 2007 #
  • wow. amazing pictures! very inspiring too :) love the ones with the cats in em. hope to see more frm ur blog x

    Posted by diva | 31 December 2007 #
  • Lovely pictures as usual, I like the cat touch !


    Posted by Elodie at Mon Petit Biscuit cuit | 2 January 2008 #
  • Hi all, apologies for taking so long to get back to you, thank you so much for your kind notes.

    Annie – I stayed with my friend who runs a Istanbul lifestyle site ( so I was lucky to have her as my guide :) Also, Cenk at Cafe Fernando ( is a great person to ask!

    Jenna – sorry I didn’t get back to you in time, I hope you had a lovely time!

    Wheatlessbay – I bought the glasses and saucers too (traditional ones), they are among the most precious things that I’ve brought back from the trip :)

    Shanna – I hope you are well, come back to blogging when you are ready. xx

    Saripapatya – I normally put around 4-6 images into one on photoshop, but you could do the same with other editing software.

    Fernando & Jamille – unfortunately I don’t have a restaurant or classes… I think I’d need to learn a lot more before I do!

    Y – yes I tried them, but I enjoyed the experience of being in the old shop more than the actual profiteroles ;)

    Gil – I do now, I’m honoured!

    Posted by keiko | 22 January 2008 #
  • I found your blog by chance and have become an instant fan. The design is beautiful, the photography is superb, and the food is heavenly. I will be adding this to my Favorites and checking back often. Saludos.

    Posted by Foodie in Minneapolis | 12 February 2008 #
  • I am an italo-turc girl living in Paris-Istanbul. Yours photos are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Felt in love with the colours :)

    Posted by B5 | 4 June 2008 #
  • just commented on your havana post — funny that i was there in march of this year, and in istanbul in october 2007! i only wish i got pictures like yours in either place…

    Posted by noelia | 4 July 2008 #
  • Hi Foodie and B5 – thanks so much for your kind words!

    Noelia – that’s great you’ve been to both of the countries too, next time I have a chance to visit Turkey I’d love to explore the countryside, it would be another amazing experience for me.

    Posted by keiko | 28 October 2008 #
  • Hello Keiko :)

    If I’d known that you were coming to Istanbul I’d be longing for those gorgeous Amai brownies chaising you lol

    I felt myself lucky as living in Istanbul hen I read all comments :)

    Hope you will come back again…

    Wishing you a happy new year…

    Cheers from Istanbul!

    Posted by Banu (BaL) | 30 December 2008 #
  • Hi Banu – sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner, thank you so much for your kind note. I’m hoping to go back to Istanbul (or anywhere in Turkey) sometime soon – I’ll make sure to let you know!

    Posted by keiko | 27 April 2009 #

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