Turrón Mousse

25 March 2010

If you are based in the UK and a fan of Spanish food, the chances are, like me, you are a fan of Brindisa too. Since I first tasted their famous chorizo sandwich at Borough market nearly a decade ago, my love of Spanish food has kept growing.

Brindisa is an importer of fine Spanish foods, founded by Monika Linton about 20 years ago, when Spanish food was still very much the poor cousin of Italian or French. (You can read her fascinating interview here.) Monika’s love of Spain and Spanish food goes without saying and her passion is contagious – I’m so glad that she pursued her dream and introduced us to so much wonderful produce. Being able to taste their fabulous fare is a joy in itself, but I’m so thrilled that I’ve started working with them recently – they are such a wonderful, passionate team and great fun to work with.

One of my trips to Spain a couple of years ago was to visit my dear friend Alastair, who started a small, but wonderful organic food company called Sierra RIca – it has sadly closed, but he now works with Brindisa. A while ago I had the chance to catch up with him at Tapas Brindisa, one of their restaurants near Borough market. I love tapas and always feel like ordering everything on the menu – so I let him choose for me, his selection including this gorgeous Monte Enebro goat cheese with orange blossom honey, big plump Gordal olives – and the rich almond mousse made with soft turrón, which was a big hit with me.

I had purchased a book called Seasonal Spanish Food by Jose Pizzaro, the chef patron at the Brindisa restaurants, and remembered the recipe was in the book, so I wasted no time getting all the ingredients from their Borough market shop on the day :)

Pizzaro (as everyone calls him), originally from Extremadura, started working in the UK as the head chef at Eyre Brothers, before meeting Monika and joining Brindisa. His book, beautifully shot by Emma Lee, includes variations of many of his favourite family recipes – simple and traditional with a modern twist. Just reading through his stories makes me dream about all the beautiful places in Spain and want to visit them. I’ve made some savoury dishes from the book which all turned out great (and I love his tip for using olive oil when making mashed potatoes :)).

Turrón is a Spanish nougat made with almonds, honey, sugar and egg white, traditionally served at Christmas. It comes in a variety of types – hard (duro) or soft (blando) – and you need to use the soft one for this recipe (I used Alemany). It’s very tempting to taste it as you make the dessert – the aroma of the almonds is irresistible! I absolutely loved the addition of the golden raisins in this dessert too (and I’m not even a fan of raisins) – they are marinated overnight in sweet, almost treacle-like Pedro Ximénez sherry. I used Gran Barquero this time – it’s from Cordoba province rather than Jerez, but it’s really lovely and works wonderfully in this dessert.

Although it’s called a mousse, it’s more gooey than the name suggests – it’s rich, so better to serve in small portions – but it’s totally addictive :) Finishing it with caramelised almonds adds a little extra texture. Make sure to use the best ingredients as it’s very simple and you will taste each one in its own right.


Turrón mousse with raisins macerated in PX sherry

Serves 4

24 golden raisins
4 tablespoons PX sweet sherry
2 eggs, separated
4 tablespoons double cream
150g soft turrón

Place the raisins in a bowl with the sherry and marinate overnight. The next day, drain the raisins and reserve the sherry.

Place the turrón, egg yolks, double cream and sherry in a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. Whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks, then gently fold into the turrón mixture.

Put 4 raisins into the bottom of each of four small glasses. Divide the mixture between them and chill in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

Decorate each glass with two more raisins and if you fancy, serve with roughly chopped caramelised almonds.

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  • My mouth is watering just watching your pictures of the mousse. I’ve never taste turron but it sounds wonderful. Where can I buy it in London?
    I love the picture of the caramelised almonds. Your photos are truly sublime!

    Posted by Sarka | 25 March 2010 #
  • oh Keiko, this looks gorgeous. I must try it. not a fan of raisins either but I’ll follow your advice. xo

    Posted by fanny | 25 March 2010 #
  • I love stopping by your world! Your photos are music for my eyes! I’m not a huge raisin fan either, but you may just have convinced me to give this a try! It looks tempting!

    Posted by LoveFeast | 25 March 2010 #
  • looks very tempting, yummy.
    and I love the combo of cheese and honey. I have rows of various honeys on my tray;))

    Posted by akane | 25 March 2010 #
  • Gorgeous as always! I love when memories and food – food and memories intertwine to produce such delicious treat!

    Posted by Helene | 25 March 2010 #
  • So you liked the book, too? Nice photos!!!

    Posted by Kristina | 25 March 2010 #
  • Keiko this does look wonderful.I have seen Italian nougat for sale here but never Spanish. I shall keep an eye out for it.

    Posted by barbara | 25 March 2010 #
  • Love your post, I have family in Spain and I enjoy visiting them amazing culture and food. I will definitely order the Seasonal Spanish Food. Thanks for the recipes.

    Posted by Rowaida Flayhan | 25 March 2010 #
  • Love the pics! Besos from Madrid.

    Posted by Debjani Roy | 25 March 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko. This looks stunning. I am a big fan of almond nougat. Vanilla and almond are great flavours to accompany matcha as well, so I bet a bit of green tea would work well with this recipe. Though not sure the colours would work!

    Posted by Matcha Chocolat | 25 March 2010 #
  • Hi, it’s the first time I comment though I’ve been following your beatiful blog for a while. I felt compelled to by this “Spanish” post ;-). Great dessert, turrón is an amazing thing. And I will check on this Pizarro guy…

    Posted by Miriam/The Winter Guest | 25 March 2010 #
  • I looking at your photos and I am hungry… ve hungry :)

    Posted by Anoushka | 25 March 2010 #
  • はじめまして、keikoさん、norikoと申します。

    Posted by noriko | 25 March 2010 #
  • I was bowled over by the famous chorizo sandwich too! (Although we only discovered it this year…) Brindisa is truly amazing. I can’t wait to try their tapas.

    Posted by Sakura | 25 March 2010 #
  • Turrón is one of the thing my mother-in-law always fancy eating, as she remembered the life in Chili, in 1930’s. She says Spanish ones are great, though Chilean one, at the time, were even more fabulous. I am always curious to taste something like that, back to old days, back to simple great things. I should try making this for her for calling her memory back! They look delicious.

    Posted by kitsch-en | 25 March 2010 #
  • keiko, you know how much i was looking forward to this recipe. i love turron and we eat it religiously ever xmas. blando is my favorite. beautiful as always!

    Posted by Aran | 25 March 2010 #
  • Yum sounds so good, I’m going to have to go on a tasting trip of Spain someday ;)

    Posted by Patty | 25 March 2010 #
  • A delightful dessert ! I like so much turrón…

    Posted by Vanille | 26 March 2010 #
  • I have bookmarked their adress. I discovered Ottolenghi thanks to your beautiful blog, and next time I go to London, I’ll make sure I stop by at Brindisa’s as well. Thank you!

    Posted by Caffettiera | 26 March 2010 #
  • This mousse seems great with the twist of the PX Ximenez sherry. This is a wonderfull sweet wine with a lot of possibilities to experiment Keiko.By the way,the crochet tea towel is very spanish too.Love your blog.

    Posted by Cris,bcn | 26 March 2010 #
  • One word,WOW!
    ive looked through a few of your recipes and theyre beautiful!
    your pictures are AWESOME!
    great job!
    your top of my favourites list :)

    Posted by Bigarade | 26 March 2010 #
  • Right now I am having sweet tooth cravings just by reading about the recipes and stories of travels.

    Food Glorious Food! But not just any food.

    Thats my motto… especially when doing a Food Photo Shoot, visit my website http://www.spacephotography.com.au and I can help you capture ‘colorful’ and ‘yummy’ food in a creative light. OR simply help you eat it!

    Posted by Victoria Giannakis | 27 March 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko – You have an absolutely wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


    Posted by Bret Bannon | 27 March 2010 #
  • Your photos are mouth watering and beautiful! I find some Spanish dishes somewhat similar to Japanese food. I wish I could try Brindisa! Only if I lived in the UK. Turrón mousse sounds delicious! Maybe one of these days when I become more organized and have more time, I will try some of your recipes!

    Posted by Kaho | 27 March 2010 #
  • Keiko, thank you for your beautiful and inspiring photos! I’m starting a photography class tonight.

    Posted by Sheila | 30 March 2010 #
  • This looks wonderful. The combination of honey and cheese is lovely. You always have a collection of such unique and fantastic recipes and photos.

    Posted by lisa | 3 April 2010 #
  • こんにちは。

    Posted by y_and_r_d | 5 April 2010 #
  • Gorgeous … I love your memory connect, which is what I love about food and blogging. Just off to google what turron is…
    Wonderful post!

    Posted by deeba | 5 April 2010 #
  • huge fan of Brindisa in Soho. beautiful photos-love the dainty glasses in which you have served this- and for someone who adores turron and raisins, this dessert looks fab.

    Posted by shayma | 7 April 2010 #
  • Omg, is this the type of stuff I have to look forward to when I go Spain and the rest of Europe this fall? I’m in love already based off your pictures. I don’t know if my heart will be able to handle the real thing. :D

    Posted by Jeanne (Pineapple Bread) | 9 April 2010 #
  • Amazing photos!

    Posted by Julia | 11 April 2010 #
  • turron is one of my favorite things, ever! this mousse takes me back to my city, barcelona, gorgeous photos! cheers from london

    Posted by pity | 12 April 2010 #
  • Lovely recipe and story :) I love Spain, Andalucìa, and the sweet taste of PX (went once to Xeres de la Frontera where it’s made). The mousse looks gorgeous a little bit similar to a rich zabaione!

    Posted by Alessandra75 | 12 April 2010 #
  • Mmmmm… that sounds tempting!!

    Posted by Anja (Savorychicks) | 12 April 2010 #
  • oh my, this is so lovely!

    Posted by My Delicious | 14 April 2010 #
  • I know I need to have this soon. I am a huge fan the Italian torrone – and wondering if I can make this nougat – I know it will be nowhere to be found in Minnesota, USA! I love the juxtaposition of the raisins soaked in sherry with this creamy delectable.

    Posted by Claudia | 18 April 2010 #
  • This sounds dreamy and decadant. Love it.

    Posted by WizzyTheStick | 18 April 2010 #
  • I love turron. I haven’t had it for many many years. Great idea to use it in a mousse!

    Posted by Dinners & Dreams | 19 April 2010 #
  • Thank you for this recipe, I love turron!

    Posted by Clea Walford | 21 April 2010 #
  • Just found you via www.tastespotting.com. Really inspired by your beautiful images especially the quality of light.Love from Cape Town. Mad about raisins. Esp with pine nuts and anchovy combo…

    Posted by Forage | 21 April 2010 #
  • The food photographs are great!
    Are there any courses out there teaching people how to photograph food?

    Posted by Marc | 22 April 2010 #
  • Your photos are so good! I love the clean and inviting layout of your blog. With respect to Spanish food, we hardly have anything authentic here in Bombay. Most are just localised versions of paella and the more famous Spansih dishes. My boyfriend visited Spain over Christmas and he couldn’t stop raving about the food there.

    Posted by The Purple Foodie | 24 April 2010 #
  • Another great post with more great pictures! I just love the Scandinavian feeling in the way you light your pictures. Really inspiring!


    Posted by Torbjorn Lagerwall | 27 April 2010 #
  • Such a gorgeous blog; thank you for sharing!

    If you’d like, please stop by my blog for a chance to win a fine art photographic giclee print…by me :)

    Posted by Walter Helena Photography | 28 April 2010 #
  • Hi Keiko,
    First first job out of uni was with Brindisa – They do have some amazing products – I’m a monte enebro addict… lovely peppery on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside… Brindisa gave me the amazing opportunity to go out to Guijuelo and learn how to carve jamon iberico from the bone – I spent 2 weeks in all learning the art of ham carving! Good times…

    Posted by Alan | 30 April 2010 #
  • Oh Keiko , how delicious.I love brindisa. When I used to work in the City – I am now in canary Wharf, every friday i used to walk down to Borough Market to have the lovely chorizo sandwiches. Beautiful affair. and Bridisa Tapas Bars is fabulous.

    Posted by valentina | 1 May 2010 #
  • The Turrón mousse looks great. I want the nougat goodness in my belly

    Posted by Mark @ Cafe Campana | 3 May 2010 #
  • Love Brindisa, this post’s reminded me to visit them more often. The Borough one is always busy when I try and eat there, have had more luck in South Ken and keep meaning to go to the Soho one as it’s near me.

    Lovely photos Keiko, as always, sounds like you and your friend had a great catch-up over tasty tapas!

    Posted by scandilicious | 6 May 2010 #
  • Beautiful photos! This mousse looks divine!

    Posted by caroline @ whippedtheblog | 6 May 2010 #
  • I have the most amazing food processor that I tried this recipe in. It was really great.

    Posted by Elana | 7 May 2010 #
  • OMG, I want some now!

    Posted by Marie | 12 May 2010 #
  • Hi, this is my first time to stop by your blog. I must say I’m so glad I found your blog. Your photos are amazing!! I enjoy reading your entries so basically I love your blog!

    Posted by Tanantha@ I Just Love My Apron | 14 May 2010 #
  • Wonderful recipe and gorgeous photos as usual.

    Posted by Melanie | 16 May 2010 #
  • This looks simple but very yummy!!! Nice one again keiko! Your photos amazed me as usual. Just wanted to achieve that feel sometime in my photos. If I’ll get the chance :)

    Posted by The Artist Chef | 17 May 2010 #
  • I used to live near Borough market and would often go down and get their chorizo sandwich. This brings back good memories, I remember that the queues used to get quite big but the smell from the chorizo cooking made the wait seem even longer than it was. Nothing better than a good chroizo on bread with some rocket and a drizzle of olive oil to cure a Friday night hangover.

    Posted by Kei | 17 May 2010 #
  • That chorizo sandwich is infamous…I’ve waited in that snake of a line for one of those on a few occasions. Will have to get some of the turron next time at Brindisa – the mousse looks divine.

    Posted by gastroanthropologist | 17 May 2010 #
  • Wow wow wow. That looks fantastic and so simple. But then isn’t that the secret to all Spanish food? Simple but excellent! Brindisa is just one big hall of temptation :)

    Posted by Jeanne @ CookSister! | 8 July 2010 #
  • Your blog is a great education! I didn’t know about Brindisa. I am looking to develop my skills in the cuisine of other country’s and Spain is on my to do list.

    Posted by Clare in Hampshire | 22 June 2011 #

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