A Menu for Hope II

12 December 2005

Some of you will probably already know that Pim has arranged a charity fund raising auction in aid of the victims of the earthquake in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. This page has been set up at Firstgiving to collect donations – each $5 you donate will enter you into a draw for one of the prizes offered by participating food bloggers (including me). Find more details at the campaign page, but when you donate, don’t forget to write in the comment section there which prize(s) you are interested in. The money you donate goes straight to Unicef from Firstgiving, so you can be sure that your donation goes directly to this worthy cause.

The prize I’m offering is some Matcha (powdered green tea from best quality leaves). As well as making tea from it (it’s used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony), we use it for both savoury and sweet dishes – you can see some of my desserts creations here. I’ve just ordered some from one of the best green tea shops in Kyoto (famous for Uji tea), which I will be receiving soon. I’ll also include some recipes for Matcha desserts, so you’ll have something to try when you get it!

Head over Firstgiving – the campaign ends on December 23rd, so be sure to make your donation before then. Thanks so much for your support.

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  • read this at posh & becks and foodie farm girl....worthy cause indeed... will donate..

    Posted by sha | 13 December 2005 #
  • Lucky I read your site and found out the current news on the blog scene. Thanks! I joined in to offer a prize too.

    Posted by Dreska | 14 December 2005 #
  • Thanks so much Keiko for your help. We’ve raised $5,000 now, could you believe it?



    Posted by Pim | 15 December 2005 #
  • this campaign is going wonderfully and you guys have been fantastic and generous with your time and donation!

    Posted by Lil | 15 December 2005 #
  • Sha, Dreska, Lil - thank you so much for your support!

    Pim - thanks so much again for your hard work. I’ve just visited firstgiving and we’ve raised more than $6,000 now!

    Posted by keiko | 16 December 2005 #
  • I must be the only person who hadn’t heard of this, but thank you for posting about it and alerting slackers like myself! For you and everyone else involved, I hope this goes really well.

    Posted by emily | 19 December 2005 #
  • done keiko....happy christmas.

    my friend is now in Pakistan working with Medicins San Frontiers

    Posted by sha | 23 December 2005 #
  • opps i forgot to comment at the site.... I wanted to bid for yr tea ;-)

    Posted by sha | 23 December 2005 #
  • Hi Emily - you are definitely not a slacker :) thank you for your kind words, I think we’ve done brilliantly!

    Hi Sha - I’ll send you some tea with other UK goodies ;) Thanks so much again for your support, I hope your friend can help people and stay safe.

    Posted by keiko | 5 January 2006 #

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